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Sample Analysis
Sample Analysis
Sample Analysis at Mars for Curiosity: The Sample Analysis at Mars (SAM) instrument, at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Md., will analyze samples of material collected by the rover's arm. | Photo: NASA-GSFC | Mars, Rover, Sam, Space, Technology, Moon, Planet,

The New Colony on Mars will Require a Token

Now that we have the most sophisticated robot vehicle ever on Mars, at a cost of billions and over which you, the private citizen, had no say in a so-called democracy, for example, if you wanted that money spent on feeding starving children here on earth instead.

Like the endless prolongation of the war in Afghanistan, the money was spent without your okay. But that's another story.

It's clear (to me) the United States, unless it collapses financially, which is a real possibility given how American corporate fascists are shipping jobs to China destroying our middle class, selling out their own country to take advantage of slave labor in China----- that we will eventually establish a colony-fortress on a planet near us.

Perhaps it will be the moon to start, then Mars or Venus. Or China itself, as the number one successor super power to the second place, depleted United States, will undertake to establish an interstellar colony. Militarization and exploitation always follow exploration. In other words, if we don't do it, somebody else we don't like will.

Could al-Qaeda found a colony of Muslims on Mars?

Most of these planets are barren rock, but technology will exist that allows supplies including fresh water to be flown to establish a colony on Mars. There is the very real possibility Mars has some kind of condensed water under its surface that could be piped out and used.

But who would populate such a colony? Surely scientists and soldiers to start.

Once up there, or over there perhaps I should say, in their protective-shield-covered greenhouse world with its temperature-controlled perfection, piped-in air and irrigated flowing gardens, statuary and public buildings, an entire city covered by harder-than-steel, bubble-fused ozone-shielded glass. This will be an Eden on Mars, but at first------only for the elite. Those whose PhDs and bureaucracy service records make them better.

Much like Hillary Clinton, a nondescript little former Arkansas maiden whose achievement in the 1970s was to pass the Bar Exam, but who now goes grandstanding around the world like its queen meddling in the affairs of other countries, telling people how to live.

Like Clinton's arrogance, the elite on Mars will look down on us here on earth, much like people who live in Alaska currently denigrate those who live in the Lower 48 (states).

It's only human nature to create elites.

A master super race of nabob settlers on Mars.

The wonders of the colony of Mars will be profound indeed. A new interstellar substance captured from space on giant concave-shaped "Feron Cups" once processed into tablet form will slow the breakdown of carbon in the human body to allow people to live to 130 years and more. Likewise, advances in cellular reconditioning made possible by strides in String Theory will all but eliminate human obesity, excepting people who choose to remain fat because they are sexually aroused by it.

Martian sunsets on this perfect world will outperform the multi-colored lights in the Northern Hemisphere here on earth--to match the high degree of intelligence and physical advancement of the Martian colonists.

Mars Rover
Mars Rover

This image shows preparation for one phase of testing of the Mars Science Laboratory rover, Curiosity. The testing during March 2011 in a 25-foot-diameter (7.6-meter-diameter) space-simulation chamber was designed to put the rover through operational sequences in environmental conditions similar to what it will experience on the surface of Mars. | Photo: NASA/JPL-Caltech | Mars, Rover, Space, Technology, Moon, Jpl, Nasa,

This will require tokens, not the normal tokens of years past, formerly shut out from leadership roles, sports and housing, such as women, blacks and Hispanics. A token of the past was a person who because of their gender or ethnicity was given entrance to a system in which their members were under- represented to give the false impression the system or activity was fair or all-inclusive.

Women, blacks and Hispanics are now included in most activities on earth. The new tokens on Mars could be religious, a certain number of Catholics shipped to the Eden Mars colony---for balance. Or a few children. Or foreigners who are not Americans or Chinese.

Or those deemed less intelligent by want of having less money---people Mitt Romney would no doubt describe as unlike himself---unsuccessful.

A token poor person will be sent to Mars. A token loser. They will be assigned a menial job.

In the meantime, conditions on earth will continue to degenerate, like a neighborhood that goes downhill because of crime and drugs. The Midwest will turn into the Sahara Desert from global warming that was too-long ignored. Seas will rise and water supplies spoil.

Living on earth will come to be seen as second-best, the deserving exile of underachievers. In a perverse opposite of the government-inspired school program "No Child Left Behind," it will be a case of, "Losers Left Behind'On Earth."

As earth conditions deteriorate, a clamor will take place for people desiring to move to the new frontier (Mars). Control will need to be exercised. Who will control it? Corporate fascists, the descendants of the same international bank conglomerates that are now carving up the earth, like Monsanto, which currently is destroying, stripping and pillaging the last rainforest left alive in Indonesia for its wood products.

Mars will be poked, prodded and drilled for its mineral, biological and bacterial wealth. Weapons will be also be installed to beam radiated death to enemies real or imagined to include back on earth.

Advances in quantum physics will make unseen parallel world travel including time travel possible, but this will need to be controlled in the same way the powers-that-be wanted to control and take away the freedom of the Internet.

They won't let you go back and warn Julius Caesar about his assassination on the Ides of March unless you display politically correct physical, anatomical and IQ beauty, and also prove to them your loyalty.

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