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Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan
Paul Davis Ryan (born January 29, 1970) is an American politician, the United States Representative for Wisconsin's 1st congressional district, and the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party for Vice President of the United States in the 2012 election. | Photo: Time Inc. | Paul Ryan, Vice President, Republican, Congressman, 2012,

Can We Talk About Real Issues For A Change

I had high hopes when the Romney campaign announced that Paul Ryan would be the Republican's choice for VP. Ryan has earned a solid reputation for being a fiscal conservative, and has been unafraid to approach head-on the entitlement issues that most politicians consider to be the "third rail" of American politics. Because of his plain-spoken manner and ability to stick with the numbers, Ryan has thus far survived his dive onto the Third Rail, and has provided conservatives with a breath of fresh air, as he has been unafraid to point out that, no matter how much the Left talks about "compassion," compassion won't matter if there is no money left in the bank.

My hope when the Ryan pick was announced was that Paul Ryan would be able to pull the debate out of the gutter, and get the focus back on the important issues. It's the economy, stupid...but with President Obama's record of failure over his first term in office, the Democrats found false attacks on Romney's tenure at Bain Capital and constant harping about his tax returns more valuable than looking into real ways to get America's economy back on track.

President Obama, who had previously stated that Paul Ryan's budget plan contained some good ideas, came out following the VP announcement calling Ryan's budget "extreme." Strong words coming from the president whose last two budget proposals were so irresponsible they didn't even get a single "yes" vote from a member of his own party.

And while Paul Ryan has tried repeatedly to address issues like the unsustainability of Social Security and Medicare in a responsible, adult manner, even after the VP announcement, all the Democrats have been able to respond with is fear-mongering. It's as though the Democrats' only plans for Social Security and Medicare are to try to scare the elderly into opposition of any GOP plan. When it comes to actually fixing the pending insolvency of these programs, the Democrats are intellectually bankrupt.

The Democrats will look to any issue that might distract voters from the fact that President Obama has no plans for economic recovery, and it didn't help matters when Todd Akin gave them a big, fat early Christmas present in the form of his absurdly stupid remarks on abortion. It doesn't matter to the Left that Akin's remarks have drawn universal condemnation from both sides, along with repeated callls for Akin to drop out of his Senate race from just about everybody in the GOP. The Democrats are desperately trying to link Akin and his dumb remarks to Romney and Ryan, so that they can make abortion a major campaign issue. They have even dragged Sandra Fluke out and are making her one of their convention speakers. If you don't remember, Sandra Fluke is the useful idiot that the Democrats used to help shape their "war on women" narrative, when she came before a Congressional panel to argue that the cost of contraceptives (which are available at low prices across the nation) was a substantial burden to women, and they needed government intervention to mandate that religious institutions offer full insurance coverage for contraceptive costs.

Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney
Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney

Presumptive GOP presidential nominee Willard Mitt Romney (born March 12, 1947) introduced his choice as running mate, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (born January 29, 1970) at a campaign event in Norfolk, Va. | Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, Republican, Campaign, 2012, Ship,

Of course, when it comes to abortion, the Democrats will characterize any opposition to abortion as extreme. They only throw out the "rape and incest" argument in the hopes that they will catch some Republican making a dumb or politically incorrect statement, like they did with Todd Akin. Liberals also ignore President Obama's own history of extremism on abortion issues - Obama's voting record in the Illinois state senate shows that he has both supported extreme late-term abortion, and opposed measures to ensure that babies born in failed abortion procedures are given proper medical care.

But the truth is, while a lot of Republicans care about the abortion issue, and believe that the lives of unborn children should be protected, abortion is not a defining issue in this campaign, it is a distraction. What really matters is the economy.

Mitt Romney released his energy plan the other day. It is a plan that will increase domestic energy production - something President Obama has utterly failed at - and a plan that will add millions of jobs to our economy. The only real argument the Left has put out so far against Romney's plan is that it doesn't focus enough on "green" energy. But the Left doesn't seem to have realized yet that green energy - wind and solar - just isn't ready for widespread deployment. The only thing "green" energy initiatives have done so far is to give the president a vehicle for more Chicago-style cronyism. It pays big dividends to be an Obama ally in the green energy industry. And with President Obama's record in green energy investments (thus far, he has dumped taxpayer money into several failed green energy companies, many of them run by people who supported his campaign), you would think the Democrats would take a hint and be a little less vocal on the topic of green energy. The last thing American taxpayers need is for Mitt Romney to continue President Obama's trend of dumping millions of dollars into failing solar companies so that campaign donors can walk away with huge bonuses when their companies go bankrupt.

President Obama's energy policy thus far, aside from using green energy companies to give kickbacks to his cronies, has been to shut down offshore drilling and block new energy opportunities such as the Keystone XL Pipeline. Under President Obama's leadership, gas prices have been consistently high, with no relief in sight. And with Iran and Israel getting increasingly more confrontational as time goes on, and the anti-Israel Muslim Brotherhood now in control in Egypt, it's only a matter of time before conflict breaks out between Israel and its neighbors. If and when that happens, we'll all see how much good President Obama's "green" energy will do us. High gas prices are tantamount to a tax hike on all consumers. Throw in ethanol requirements and the drought, and food prices are set to skyrocket in the near future. In addition to this, President Obama's EPA has forced coal-fired power plants all over America to shut down...and while that may be a small victory for the nation's air quality, it won't help anyone if our power grid can't sustain simple population growth just because some enviro-weenies are on a rampage.

We've already seen what kind of damage can be caused just by human error - over the past several years, we have seen major power outages in New York City and San Diego...and it was just a month or two ago that a storm knocked out power to thousands of people in the Washington, DC area. Using environmental regulations to thin out our power grid will only exacerbate these problems over the long term.

When it gets right down to it, the Democrats only have three real strategies: fear, distraction and division. They'll try to scare seniors over Social Security and Medicare, but they have no plans to fix either of them. They'll try to distract voters using every issue imaginable, but they have no plans to fix the economy or our energy situation. They'll divide the country up by gender, ethnicity, age, and any other demographic they can play off of another, but in the end, their policies are bad for everyone, no matter the gender, age, or ethnic group.

And in the end, that is why Romney and Ryan are the best choice for America.

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