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Dalai Lama and Russell Brand
Dalai Lama and Russell Brand
His Holiness Dalai Lama tugs Host Russell Brand's beard whilst giving a series of talks examining the relationship between heart and mind at Dalai Lama: Real Change Happens In The Heart at MEN Arena on June 16, 2012 in Manchester, England. | Photo: Shirlaine Forrest | Dalai Lama, Russell Brand, Religion, Actor, Change,

Christianity in the Twenty-First Century

Sadness that fills my heart when I read comments from Christians, indicating that there is no room for any other beings on earth. The fact that there are those who have no idea of a God (or even a god), do not cross their minds. Many people are driven by hopelessness and cannot see the wood for the trees. They do not have the tools to make decisions that would improve and solidify an ethical and moral lifestyle.

To add woe to the believers who do not allow others to live the only life they know, there are other religions that could provide someone a moral and ethical life. This is under the proviso that they live a life dedicated to the Causes, Scriptures or Teachings of their own religion.

The role of the Christian of the twenty-first century is to show, by example that they do not judge at all. They should be driven by an unconditional love that would persuade others of a better way to live; or a different way to live in a world that is driven by evil. It is also their place to make sure that if a person has a certain belief that they are reminded to live according to those standards.

There is the story of a man who lived on an island for many years. After his death, missionaries came over and started preaching and teaching them about Christ. Their response was: That man lived here on our island.

This is a profound story for any Christian to understand what their role is here now. One cannot convince others to take on your beliefs. It is a matter of practicing and living what you believe. The demand is also on other religious thoughts to live to the full what they believe. This will show those without any God that He does exist.

To live your life according to your belief system sets you free. It also allows you to make the effort to meet with any type of person around the world, knowing that you are indeed solid on your foundation. It will allow you to not judge and this will prepare such hearts to be receptive of your beliefs. It also implies, however, that you will not compromise and that you will simply inform many of your experiences with a living God.

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