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Barack Obama
Barack Obama
Barack Hussein Obama II, born August 4, 1961 in Hawaii. He married Michelle Robinson in 1992, children Malia (born 1998) Sasha (born 2001). Alma mater: Occidental College, Columbia College (B.A.), Harvard Law School (J.D.), Community organizer, Lawyer, Constitutional law professor, Author, and awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. | Photo: Associated Press | Barack Obama, President, Democrat, Flag,

Obama Signed the Patriot Act, a Bitter Disappointment

What will be the outcome if Obama loses the election? Here are 11 realizations.

  1. Racists will take heart. The first black president elected in American history was a failure. Not up to the job. Voters turned him out after only one term. There's no way around it, if you're a member of the Ku Klux Klan, this will be a joyous affirmation that blacks are not intelligent enough to do the job. It will also affirm by inference that women are also not qualified and other so-called minorities, because racists lump them all together. This would set the civil rights movement back, which is exactly what racists want.
  2. Romney will be much quicker to blunder the U.S. into its next ruinous war in the Middle East. Like George W. Bush, he's more knee-jerk in his reactions to crisis and less cautious than Obama, though conservatives describe the greater caution of Obama, for instance, relying on diplomacy to try and convince Iran to abandon nuclear development----as appeasement--weakness.
  3. The economy will implode quicker under Romney. It's no surprise that the economy collapsed almost to the day George W. Bush left office after eight years of ruinous wars, spiraling defense spending and letting banks and gangster-managed corporations run wild. Romney believes in the same law-of-the-jungle slash and burn tactics and trickle-down economics that failed ever since proposed by Ronald Reagan. Ruin of the country by billions-deficit and inability to face the truth of living over our means will also continue under Obama---but at a slower pace.
  4. Much under Obama or Romney would remain status quo. Washington will continue to be run by lobbyists whose loyalty is to their profit margin and not the country. China will continue to supplant the U.S. as a superpower by profiting under unfair trade agreements with the U.S. (unfair to us), and jobs will continue to be outsourced overseas stripping the American middle class. Spying illegally, use of drones and the rise of the police state will continue as well, but once again, would be greatly accelerated under Romney.
  5. Obama reaffirmed, signed and extended the Patriot Act, a bitter disappointment to me. The Patriot Act is a Nazi-spirited assault on the Constitution engineered by war criminals George W. Bush and Dick Cheney which demonizes an entire world religion (Muslim), and throws away your right to due process, attorney and trial, if you're a suspect. Much like Hitler's emergency dictatorial powers decree in the wake of the Reichstag fire in 1933, in which the Nazis told Germans they were being attacked, the Patriot Act was instituted with the numb impotent consent of dumb-down Americans. Romney loves the Patriot Act.
  6. Health care will be out of reach of more Americans as Obama's weak, watered-down health care legislation is scrapped in favor of vouchers and smoke-and-mirror imitation health care options designed to fool people health care is available. In reality, a return to the old tried and true method of letting free-market profiteering-driven insurance carriers and pharmaceutical companies raise rates and fleece half the American people out of a doctor's care.
  7. Oil drilling will undergo a new boom time as if there's no tomorrow, and denial of global warming will represent a curtain of deceit. No Republican since Teddy Roosevelt has seen an environmental protection he ever liked. It's inconvenient to provide world leadership in environmentalism, and unprofitable.
  8. The military industrial colossus, its own world independent of everything else, which eats up two-thirds of the country's current out-of-control megalithic budget-in-the-red, will experience a new renaissance of spending and waste as the U.S. continues to be the world's arms supplier, and develops weapons of untold destructive power. Republicans do not consider military spending to be part of the budget, but an off-the-table always instantly approved given.
  9. Nonprofits that provide Americans down on their luck with vital services will be further decimated out of existence in an accelerating manner by withholding their funding in favor of privatization and relying on churches to take up the slack, an Ebenezer Scrooge "let them fend for themselves" mentality.
  10. PBS and Big Bird will be eliminated.
  11. Men will continue to rule women's bodies as right-to-choose options including abortion and family planning come under assault as well as same-sex marriage and other lightening rod morality issues Republicans find so threatening.

Mitt Romney and Barack Obama
Mitt Romney and Barack Obama

In spite of all the Obama mob and mainstream media have done to dishonestly disqualify Mitt Romney, the Governor reassured America he is far superior to our current White House occupant. Romney is the guy for the job. --- Jayde Wyatt @YayforSummer | Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Debate, 2012, Election, President,

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