The Biggest Lie

Mitt Romney and Barack Obama
Mitt Romney and Barack Obama
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No Republican administration has cut government

There are some lies that are so big that if you tell them over and over, a certain number of people will believe, like throwing spaghetti on a wall. A certain percentage of it will stick.

The Nazis in Germany in 1938 knew this. They said the Jews lost them the First World War. The Jews were to blame for everything wrong in Germany. A lot of Germans wanted to believe this.

When I hear a conservative say the Republican Party is for smaller government, for cutting government, and the liberals never want to cut government or spending, I have to shake my head. Given that no Republican Administration in the past 60 years has done anything except expand the debt America owes and multiply spending enormously.

How can they get away with saying conservatives are for small government? They do it with a straight face. It's pretty simple. Conservatives truly want to cut spending for some social programs they consider wasteful, like Planned Parenthood and PBS and Big Bird. But they always increase defense spending out the back-end a thousand-fold over that.

Big Bird isn't nearly as expensive as the proposed giant laser beam on the drawing boards for next decade to be pointed down from a base on the moon and melt small impoverished countries we don't like in the Middle East.

Republicans always say they are for small government, for spending cuts, for change. Real change under the present system isn't possible. No matter who gets elected, Washington will still be run by lobbyists whose loyalty is to their profit margin and not the country. Middle class jobs will still be outsourced to China and India to take advantage of slave labor.

Whatever it is you don't like about this country, will continue under Obama or Romney.

But Republicans know how to tell the big lie, over and over. They're for smaller government, for tax cuts, for mom and pop startup businesses, for an innocent old-fashioned 1950s America-----and also simultaneously---continuance of corporate conglomerate colossus rule, needless overkill weapons systems that bankrupt the country, ruinous wars against small Middle Eastern countries and destruction of the American middle class.

But they'll get rid of PBS. That will balance the budget.

The system in place can't change like a leopard can't change its spots. Any president who tried to enact real fundamental change will be impeached, limited to one-term or assassinated.

Ronald Reagan, the Jesus Christ of the right (small-government) wing, increased the national debt from $985 billion to $2.8 trillion. Although he did try to cut some government wasteful bureaucrat paper shuffling, a big part of this expense was the new (at the time) Stars Wars technology that eventually helped us later in the first Gulf War

George Bush (big sugar daddy) senior increased the debt from $2.8 trillion to $4.1 trillion in large measure by driving Iraq out of Kuwait. Bush promised "Read my lips no new taxes" to get elected and then raised taxes in office.

Bush Junior and his lord-high inquisitor and torture dungeon master Dick Cheney raised the amount owed from $6.4 trillion to $11.3 trillion in an orgy of military spending including two wars at the same time, nation building infrastructure at the same time in two countries.

The Democrat Clinton also increased the debt by just under $2 trillion, and Obama has by just over 2 trillion to $14.2 trillion. The only thing good you can say about the Democrats is the last time most Americans had money in their pockets was back when Clinton was in the White House fondling Monica Lewinski.

Oh! Oh! Let's take heart. Romney is going to enact small government. Even though we're going to be at war with Iran he's going to balance the budget by cutting PBS and Big Bird and Planned Parenthood. This is real change, despite the fact that his past career in political office has been a two-legged walking monument to the status quo and its preservation.

Romney is a corporate, scheming, money-and power-worshiping autocrat who is committed to preserving the power structure that gave him life. I've seen it with my own eyes. The corporate boardroom where I was once wasting my time was invaded by a company-acquiring conglomerate of fascists and ruthless money-scamming liars to whom idealism, generosity, humor and courage were foreign concepts.

They drove every decent and honest person out including me because I wasn't cheating enough for them. Only the petty crooks remained.

You won't get any change under Romney. You won't get smaller government. If you believe this, I've got some swampland I want to sell to you.

That's the big lie. They keep telling it like they actually believe it.

We'll see.

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