Nikki Reed

Nikki Reed
Nikki Reed
Nicole Houston "Nikki" Reed, born May 17, 1988, is an American film and television actress, screenwriter and model. She became known in 2003, after the release of the film Thirteen, in which she co-starred and co-wrote the screenplay. | Photo: | Nikki Reed, Actress, Twilight, Sexy, Pool,

The Best is Yet to Come

I was listening to the radio yesterday in my car and this song came on that really caught my attention. It had great lyrics, a smooth beat and the singer's voice was emotive and delicate. When the song was over, the DJ was speaking to the artist and it turned out to be Nikki Reed. If that name doesn't ring a bell with you, she plays the character of Rosalie in the Twilight Saga. I recently wrote an article about Ashley Greene, so when I heard Nikki's song on the radio, I wanted to find out more about yet another fine actor from Twilight. All I really know about Nikki is that she portrays Rosalie and that she has a great singing voice, so I was excited to find out some more about this actress.

For those of you who follow the Twilight series, Rosalie isn't the most likable character in the first movie, but you soon warm up to her and understand why she is the way she is. Her character actually has a lot of depth to it and Nikki does a wonderful job of telling Rosalie's story. As a Twilight fan, I found myself very interested in who the actors in the movie really were, as they were portraying characters unlike themselves so well. When I started to learn more about Nikki, I was surprised to discover that she didn't look at all like Rosalie ' in fact, she looks and acts quite different. It always amazes me how different actors and actresses can be from their characters and those who have such a separation are the ones with the most talent in my eyes. If you can honestly portray a character that you cannot relate to or understand, that to me is true acting. Nikki is the perfect Rosalie, as she brings the character to life exactly as I saw her to be when I was reading the book.

As I soon came to find out, there is a lot more to Nikki than just being a good actress. Nikki Houston Reed was born in May of 1988 in California and has an interesting ethnic background, combining Jewish, Cherokee and Italian descents, giving Nikki her natural beauty. Her parents divorced when she was two years old and she lived with her mother, until she moved out at 14 years of age. It was during this time, at age 14, in 2002 that Nikki wrote the script for the movie, Thirteen. She worked with Catherine Hardwicke on this semi-autobiographical piece about her rebellious thirteenth year and ended up starring in the film, because it was difficult to find the right actress to portray the character of Evie Zamora. For this movie, Nikki won an award for "Best Feature Screenplay" at the Screenwriting Awards in 2004, as well as "Best Debut Performance" at the Independent Spirit Awards that same year.

Nikki Reed
Nikki Reed

Reed was born in West Los Angeles, California. She is the daughter of Cheryl Houston, a beautician, and Seth Reed, a set designer. She has an older brother, Nathan August Reed. Reed teamed up with Staples and Do Something for their 3rd Annual School Supply Drive in the summer of 2011. | Nikki Reed, Actress, Twilight, Sexy, Pool,

In 2008, Nikki was cast for the role of Rosalie in Twilight, which was directed by Catherine Hardwicke, whom she worked with on Thirteen. Nikki appears in all of the Twilight movies, the last of which is to be released next week. In between the Twilight movies, Nikki appeared in the film, Catch .44 as Kara (a terrific character name, if I do say so myself) in 2011, working with Bruce Willis and Forest Whitaker. In 2013, she is set to work with Forest Whitaker again, in the movie Pawn, which also stars Ray Liotta and Michael Chiklis, among others.

Aside from acting, as I mentioned at the beginning of my article, Nikki is dipping her feet into singing, which I'm sure is inspired by her husband Paul McDonald. Paul met Nikki when he was on American Idol Season 10 in March 2011 (and he was my favorite, I might add ' I was so upset when he was eliminated, but happy to see him appear on Parenthood not long ago). In October 2011, Nikki and Paul were married and now seem very happy. They're expressing their love through music, by releasing a five song EP entitled "The Best Part". They wrote all five songs together and the title track is the song I heard on the radio. They had a few songs in the Breaking Dawn movies, but "The Best Part" is more of Nikki's voice and I really like this song.

Nikki is a very talented young woman and I am certain you will be hearing her name more and more in the months and years to come. She's a writer, an actress, a singer, she's strikingly beautiful and married to Paul McDonald, so she's also very lucky. I will be following her career closely and getting my hands on "The Best Part" as soon as I can, but as for Nikki's life and career, I'd say Frank Sinatra put it best when he said, "The Best is Yet to Come".

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