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Bar Refaeli
Bar Refaeli
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Shouldn't the U.S. at Least Seem Like a Peace Broker?

Let's assume for argument's sake that it was Palestinian hotheads launching missiles that set off the current escalating conflagration in Gaza, and let's also assume rightly, that most people don't dispute Israel's right to exist or defend itself.

The United States (here we go again) said whatever Israel wants to do including a full-scale ground attack invasion is okay with us. We back Israel no matter what.

Shouldn't the U.S. at least make a feeble attempt for the sake of humanity to ask the two sides to cease firing and to talk, even realizing at this point it's unlikely they will? Shouldn't the U.S. at the very least try and seem (however disingenuously) to be a peace broker in the region instead of giving Israel a blank check like we always do?

Perhaps not always. Obama did ask Israel to refrain at least temporarily from attacking Iran over its nuclear development and to give negotiations a chance.

The prime minister of Egypt is visiting the area calling for a truce, which is what we should be doing. Why aren't we? Why is the head of a Moslem country the only one calling for a cease fire?

While we're saying okay Israel---go ahead and invade?

By saying that, we preclude the possibility however faint of tamping down the spreading violence. Why does the U.S. always act like an Israel sponsor and mentor rather than a peace broker in the region? At least we should make an attempt.

These outbreaks of violence in Gaza I call "Month-and-a-half Wars," although they've been going on sporadically for decades, because they almost always turn out the same. Some hotheads fire rockets and Israel responds massively. Hundreds of Palestinians are killed and usually a much smaller number of Israelis. Many of the dead are innocents simply caught in the cross-fire. The killing goes on until it looks like so lopsided a casualty rate (more Palestinians killed), that Israel comes off looking bad, even though it might have been Hamas extremists who started it.

In one of the most compacted and heavily militarized areas of the world, you have Israel and its aggressive foreign policy, which pushes Palestinians out of their own homeland or excludes them. And on the other side, Palestinian nut-cases who want to destroy Israel and to whom any peaceful solution is out of the question.

Over this you have the Imperial United States, the most powerful empire in the history of the world, backing Israel----but to whom an appearance of asking both sides to stop shooting isn't even attempted. Clearly, we believe one side is always in the right, and the other always in the wrong.


What's more interesting than outbreaks like the one in Gaza (they happen every four years) is the metamorphosis of the U.S. ceasing to be a peace broker in the world----and instead adopting the premise that all-out war is a useful instrument for shaping foreign policy. This misdirection took place even before the Iraq War.

Look at our descent into the abyss.

We condone torture of prisoners and threw out the Geneva Convention on the treatment of prisoners. We use indiscriminate pilotless drone aircraft that for every bad guy they take out, kill 50 or 100 others whose only crime was they happened to be standing nearby, making more enemies.

These comments will get me labeled an Anti Semite by the all-powerful Jewish lobby in Washington. I'm a supporter of all world religions, whatever you want to believe in, and I'm not knocking it. Personally, I'm an agnostic.

North Korea satellite
North Korea satellite

North Korea may have moved the first stage of a rocket to a launch stand, indicating it is on schedule for a controversial mid-April launch, according to a new analysis of satellite images. | Photo: |
If South Korea announced (secretly) to us its intention to invade North Korea to unify that country, after a provocation, would we say "Whatever you want to do is okay with us?" We didn't say that after North Korea shelled some South Korean islands a few years ago, did we?

The policy of the United States in the Middle East has been layered like an onion in its mistaken approaches. I don't think we understand the tribes and the players there. Instead of being what amounts to a "Co-Belligerent," I would like to see this country live up to its fast-fading reputation for justice and fairness.

I would like to see the U.S. and the president take a "Peace Leadership" role and use the U.N. to bring all its pressure to bear to tamp down the violence in Gaza before innocent people are needlessly killed. This would be preferable to our present "Israel Just Go Ahead with Whatever Policy."

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