Condemning the Kenyan

Sex, Lies, and Benghazigate
Sex, Lies, and Benghazigate
November 16, 2012: Sex sells, as the saying goes, and suddenly, with General David Petraeus's resignation (which came, conveniently enough for President Obama, right after the election), suddenly the mainstream media has heard of Benghazi again. | Photo: Aaron Stipkovich | Benghazi, David Petraeus, Christopher Stevens, Barack Obama, Video, Scandal, Lybia, Cia,

This is All Conservatives have Got, the Libyan Incident

You hypocrites! You phonies!

If you're a conservative, the Republican figurative train wreck that was the presidential election has left you limp, despondent, but most conservative-like, angry, bitter, a bad loser, eager for revenge. The only hope you've got is the so-called Benghazi-gate, the accusation that Obama, the (to you), Kenyan-born socialist traitor, committed wrongful acts that resulted in the murder of Libyan Ambassador Chris Stevens and several others, and the automatic usual traditional denials and cover-up that followed.

This is all you've got after your take on the election, that is, if you're so far-to-the-right you think God is a member of Rotary Club who looks like Rush Limbaugh. If you're a conservative redneck macho man, you think that a bunch of darkies and South-of-the-Border taco benders and women lesbians reelected Obama because despite all your work, the wrong people showed up at the polls. This set back your vision for America, a return to white male dominated supremacy, a throwback to simpler times, 1958, when people of color (the N word), cactus huggers from below the border and butch women'..were separate and knew their place.

A segregated America you won't admit you want, but secretly do.

This is all you've got. The Libyan incident.

I'm never against an investigation of government when there's a chance wrongdoing was committed. Let's say Obama did something wrong in the Libyan fiasco. It should be looked into. If he's done nothing wrong, he has nothing to hide. If he has done something wrong, I want him out.

But if Obama was a conservative, like you are, you wouldn't want him out. You wouldn't call for an investigation.

You're a conservative.

Where were you when Bush and Cheney fabricated the false weapons of mass destruction scam in the invasion of Iraq? That's okay with you. Bush and Cheney instituted torture camps, took away your rights, bankrupted the country at an accelerated rate over the big spenders of the past. That's okay with you.

We never heard peep from you then, and never have since.

If ex-candidate Todd Akin said God intended women to be raped'''d be for it.

If you were old enough to be around when Richard Nixon had his cronies burglarize an opposing party headquarters'you'd support it. In fact, if the president was a conservative and went down to a convenience store and held it up at gun point'.you'd like that too.

Three Presidents
Three Presidents

The 43rd President of the United States from 2001 to 2009, George W. Bush; The 44th President of the United States Barack Hussein Obama II who took office in 2009; and Bill Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States from 1993 to 2001. | Photo: The White House |
Ronald Reagan ordering his boys to deceive Congress and do an arms-for-hostage trade with thugs and then deny any knowledge of it, leading to the now famous Orwellian phrase "plausible deniability," it's great, you loved it.

That's all old news.

More recently, when Romney made his soon-to-be-immortalized statement that 48 percent of Americans were loser leeches''that was fine. You never called for an investigation of Romney's relations with his old slash-and-burn vulture Bain Capital Company.

One party, your party, is always in the (pardon the pun) right, and the other party always wrong. So you're not an American. You're a conservative.

Never in your life. Never once, have you ever said a critical word about any member of your party'.for anything. Now, all of a sudden, given the results of the last election, you're interested in seeing justice done, but only to the leader of the opposite party.

Your sense of fair play is highly selective and conditional.

Isn't it?

Now you go to the blackboard and write 300 times. I will be critical of a conservative for something. I will criticize my own party for something. Just one time in my life.

I'll tell you what. If the Libyan scheme doesn't work out, and it likely won't, you can go back to accusing Obama of being born in Kenya.

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