An Open Letter To Speaker Boehner

John Boehner
John Boehner
John Andrew Boehner, born November 17, 1949, is the 61st Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. A member of the Republican Party, he is the U.S. Representative from Ohio's 8th congressional district, serving since 1991. | Photo: Associated Press | John Boehner, Republican, Speaker Of The House, Ohio, Hand,

The Time Is Now

Mr. Speaker,

It was with some trepidation that I watched your recent re-election to the position of Speaker of the House. To be totally honest with you, I am one of those conservatives who did not support your re-election to your current position.

Your history in the House is not one that gives staunch conservatives any comfort. Reaching out to the other side in order to forge compromise is one thing, but it is painful to watch the de facto leader of your party be handed political defeat after political defeat because you are trying to compromise with a faction that has made it obvious that compromise is not possible.

For many conservatives such as myself, our confidence in your leadership has never been lower. Watching you accept a deal on the Fiscal Cliff that not only betrays conservative principles, but will do actual harm to our nation was untenable. It was only made worse by the fact that this was not the first time we had to sit by and watch while the Democrats played their games and met with minimal resistance and clumsy political maneuvering from Republican leadership.

The time is now to take a stand in what amounts to nothing less than the engineered destruction of our nation's economy. Since long before President Obama was elected, politicians in both parties rubber-stamped spending we could not afford, and as time goes on, the government just spends more and more money our taxpayers don't have.

The word "unsustainable" does not even begin to cover the current state of our government's financial situation anymore. We are in a fiscal tailspin: no budget, always spending more than we take in, and the Democrats have shown no sign of even trying to slow it down, despite President Obama's talk about a "balanced approach" for deficit reduction. This was shown very clearly in the recent Fiscal Cliff deal - not only did it do absolutely nothing to reduce deficits, it actually made things worse.

The next fight will be the debt ceiling - and this one we saw coming a mile away.

Mr. Speaker, I can virtually guarantee you that if Republicans in Congress cave in to Democratic demands on the debt ceiling, it will spell the end of the GOP. Conservatives will leave in droves. The Democrats will dominate in 2014 and will very likely continue to hold power over America for decades to come.

It was bad enough that President Obama and his party would not budge on raising taxes during the Fiscal Cliff debate, but now they have made it clear that the Cliff tax hikes were only the beginning - they only plan to push for even more tax hikes. There is no doubt that they will continue to use manufactured crises like the Fiscal Cliff and the debt ceiling to ramp up their media cronies and attempt to force you to cave to even more tax increases that will devastate our economy, ruin your credibility, and quite possibly bring about the end of the Republican Party.

There are rumors now that you plan to stand strong against the Democrats on the debt ceiling and push for the Senate to finally pass a budget. If these rumors are true, this is a good thing - but it is only a first step. After the debacle that was the Fiscal Cliff, you not only need to take a stand; you and the other GOP leaders in Congress need to get the message out.

So many of the issues in the Fiscal Cliff arose precisely because Republicans failed to articulate a conservative position. There are ways to play the politics game, and assuming that the American people will get it is not the way to go ' especially not with much of the national media standing firmly against you.

Instead, try something like this: each and every time a Democrat pushes for more taxes, explain to the American people why that is such a bad idea. You don't even have to make the argument yourself - you could quote Democratic icon John F. Kennedy, who made numerous arguments for lower taxes, and would be considered a right-wing nut by the standards of today's Democratic Party. You could even quote Barack Obama himself, who just a few years ago explained to America that raising taxes during a recession would damage the economy.

And don't just settle for the GOP weekly address, which hardly anyone outside political and media circles ever watches. Make it a full-court press. Hold press conferences. Go on the Sunday shows. Do anything and everything you can to get the message out.

The next four years will be a tough fight, but it is a fight worth fighting. The Democrats have worked long and hard to get to where they are. They will fight tooth and nail to keep their power, and they have made it clear that they aren't afraid of dragging the American economy down in the process. Millions of Americans are looking to you to make a stand for the conservative policies that will pull our nation out of our economic slump and put our government on the path toward solvency.

The American people are looking to you, Mr. Speaker, to do what we cannot trust the majority party to do. America needs a party that will stand for fiscal responsibility and will refuse to compromise on that value, no matter what. Our federal government has been so irresponsible for so long, the time for compromise has passed. It is no longer a question of reducing or eliminating political gridlock. We should not be afraid of government shutdowns or veiled threats about cuts to important (or unimportant) government services.

The combination of events: the systematic dismantling of our nations' financial standing, along with an overt assault on U.S. citizens' Second Amendment rights, is extremely unsettling. These are the conditions from which tyranny is born, and it is more important now than ever that the American people have representatives who actually represent them and will stand for freedom and liberty.

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