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We wanted the album to be as accessible as possible. In no way am I doing this for money, I think that mind state is bullshit... -- Garvin | Photo: Garvin | Garvin, Hip Hop, Music, Artist, Rap,

Up-and-coming independent artist releases free album

For those music enthusiasts who love to support independent hip hop music, Garvin is an artist whose name is a necessity in your iTunes playlist.

Garvin's interest in music began with learning how to play percussion at 8 years old. Years later, he taught himself how to play guitar and started forming bands with friends. Throughout high school, his taste in music expanded from punk towards alternative hip hop. Writing was Garvin's way of expression and connection with others. With positive reactions from peers came more confidence to create the music he is now promoting through a small record label in Minnesota, Ludovico Entertainment.

"My plans are to remain independent and stay with my label, Ludovico Entertainment, for as long as I make music. We have worked hard for everything we have done, and we will continue to do so. I wouldn't be anywhere without the Ludovico family, we are strong and committed," Garvin says.

Garvin spent the past 8 months working on a new 18-track album. He recently released the free album called Up In The Air, which can be downloaded at www.garvin.bandcamp.com.

"We wanted the album to be as accessible as possible. In no way am I doing this for money, I think that mind state is bullshit," Garvin says.

Garvin describes his music as a combination of stories, emotions, melodies and beats.

Lyrically, Garvin is on point. He makes many references to his "dreamer" ideology throughout the album.

"I consider a dreamer anyone who strives to be unique, and find what truly makes them happy. I feel that I am a dreamer because I live my life to the fullest. I believe that each individual person is put on this Earth with a spark, or certain energy, and we can either use that, and inspire others, or let it burn out," He says.

Downloading the music of independent, up-and-coming artists is the only way to ensure that the world of music remains pure and full of talent. Show your support and download Up In The Air today.

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