Voluntary Workforce

Can it exist without Free Will?

Many believe we live in a voluntary society, where we choose essentially everything we get involved with while living in the United States. To an extent this is true, but the difference between being given choices and actually choosing, is the difference between quasi freedom, and true freedom.

All capitalistic people believe we have a voluntary workforce, that we all choose where we labor, and how much we want to work for; and that our labor is solely based on free will. In fact, you cannot have anything that is voluntary without free will, as voluntary means any actions taken under your own free will.

So I'll state what many Americans believe to be true, we have a voluntary workforce. If you understand what free will means, you'll know right away my last statement is woefully inaccurate. Perhaps 60% of U.S. workers are true voluntary workers, and that's being very generous, the rest are forced into labor by a monetized society that requires labor to survive.

Must be me, but I thought free will meant the absence of force and coercion, not reliant upon it. So if it is true, that we rely on survival as a motivating factor for workforce participation, we cannot have a voluntary workforce. You can call it semi-voluntary or faux-voluntary, just like our faux-voluntary tax base. How many of us would actually voluntarily pay all of our taxes? We wouldn't, we would give government only what we deemed necessary, not a penny more. Unfortunately, we also don't have a voluntary tax base, and in fact we are forced to pay taxes.

But being forced to pay taxes against one's free will could be seen as less cruel than being forced to labor against one's free will. Not paying taxes will land you in jail, but you will be alive and fed; not participating in the labor market will starve you to death eventually, and you will be dead and gone forever. Both options are anti-voluntary, but those are the only choices we have in the United States.

The sooner we can come to grips with the fact that we are all not voluntarily participating in the workforce, we can better understand solutions for some of our nation's most costly mistakes. I know when people are forced to act against their free will, even unconsciously, they rebel, act up, become unproductive, and those results have led to the creation of our welfare state, a welfare system that all of us are forced to pay for.

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