And Then There's Congress

Voters Beware Of What You Wish For

It's easy to say that Congress isn't one of America's sweethearts. Congress hasn't been America's favorite institution past, present, and probably won't be in the future. But lately over the past few years it seems that Congress' approval status is at an all time low. Right now, it would seem that people take Congress about as serious as Honey Boo Boo takes the English language. According to the Gallup poll Congress, as of 2013 has an approval rating of 14%. That is one percent lower than the poll taken in 2012. So, how is it exactly that Congress has achieved such a low approval rating?

Firstly, Congress has a difficult time agreeing upon important issues. This, in itself, puts a lot of American citizens on edge because they want answers, or better yet, need answers. And these answers can only be given if Congress could only get their acts together and come up with a resolution for these issues. But moving beyond Congress' lack of inability of agreement, there's also the factor that we, the citizens, have voted these "representatives" in office. So, are the reasons resolution isn't being met the congressmen's fault or ours?

Everyone has seen the campaign ads of congressmen on their televisions screens at one point in their life. And everyone can probably remember the promises of the candidate. The promises that state what they would or would not do if they were elected to Congress. Watching these ads from our TV screens we would hear each candidate speak with such vindication, we would have no choice but to believe them and vote for them. It's only after these congressmen have made it into office that loyalties to their "political party" trump their loyalties to the people of America.

What makes matters worse, is that now the youth of America is becoming more reluctant to see the importance of Congress and their decision making. They're growing up believing that it is standard for Congress to ignore the call of the American people, but rather play the "which party is right" game among themselves.

There's not too many who would disagree that there needs to be better decision making not only in Congress, but among the people of America, as well. It is our duty as voters to make sure that the people we vote into Congress, are people who will ultimately do what's best for the people, not just their own party affiliation. And it is Congress' job to discuss and resolve issues for the people through legislative procedures and not just for self-interest. Does that mean that this turnabout will happen in the near future? Probably not, but if we could achieve this goal, maybe piece by piece we can pull America back together.

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