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Michael Cutler
Michael Cutler
Michael Cutler, retired 30 Year INS Officer, standing tall against illegal immigration. Cutler was also INS representative to the Unified Intelligence Division (UID) of the DEA. Michael now hosts | Photo: Fox News | Michael Cutler, Immigration, Border, Ins, Dea, Intelligence,

Senate amnesty bill relies on Napolitano's self evaluation!

The push is on for "Comprehensive Immigration Reform." In the wake of the re-election of President Obama even members of the Republican Party are pushing for an ill-conceived program that would provide unknown millions of illegal aliens with lawful status and a "pathway to United States citizenship."

The administration assembled a bipartisan "working group" of four Democrat senators and four Republican senators to come up with a workable solution to enacting "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" or a similarly named program. The public has come to refer to these 8 senators as the "Gang of Eight."

They have come forward with some truly dangerous recommendations and I was invited to appear on Fox News' excellent television program, "Your World With Neil Cavuto" on February 4, 2013 to discuss a couple of the recommendations of the "Gang of Eight" that could be filed under the title, "You cannot make this lunacy up!" Eric Bolling filled in for Neil on the program.

For reasons that, as a rational adult I cannot begin to fathom, for a number of years we have been hearing a mantra-like slogan that states that once the border is secure it would be appropriate to enact Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Upon scrutiny, there is nothing reasonable or rational about this concept, yet it is often repeated and has come to be accepted by all too many people as being a reasonable concept.

Now in an example of unmitigated flaming chutzpah, the "Gang of Eight" is seriously proposing that Janet Napolitano, Secretary of DHS, be given the task of certifying that the border is secure so that Comprehensive Immigration Reform could be implemented!

This is the official in charge of DHS which, among its responsibilities, is charged with securing our nation's borders and enforcing and administering our immigration laws!

This was the focus of my discussion with Eric Bolling. Unfortunately, there was no time to really delve into the issue- this is almost always the problem with television- there is never enough time!

I did the best I could in the very short time we had on the air to discuss this critical story. What follows is what I would have loved to have time to discuss on the air with Eric, if we had adequate time. You will notice that I referred to DHS as being the "Department of Homeland Surrender!"

First of all, here are a few questions that should be answered but that there was not time to discuss on the air:

How did the issue of the securing of America's border become the deciding factor where providing unknown millions if illegal aliens with lawful status and official identity documents become the deciding factor when there is no reliable way of determining who these aliens are, what their backgrounds are and why they are here?

What does the issue of "secure the border" really mean? While many politicians identify the "four border states" as being California, New Mexico, Arizona and Texas, in point of fact any state that has an international airport, has access to the 95,000 miles of America's coastline or lies along America's northern as well as its southern border must be considered "border states."

Why doesn't anyone add to the discussion the fact that there is little or no integrity to the processes administered by USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) by which applications for various immigration benefits are adjudicated, including the conferring of lawful immigrant stateus and even United States citizenship upon aliens?

How in the world would USCIS deal with the tidal wave of applications that would be dumped on the desks of their hapless adjudications officers who cannot deal with their workload under the current circumstances where many applications of various immigration benefits are no longer requiring face-to-face interviews including the aliens who are benefiting from President Obama's misuse of "prosecutorial discretion" that I have come to refer to as "prosecutorial deception" to provide illegal alien "DREAMERS" with employment authorization?

Finally, does anyone really expect Ms Napolitano to say that she has not done her job as the Secretary of DHS and that the borders are not secure?

Having gotten those question out of the way, it is vital to understand that what is being ignored in all of these discussions about Comprehensive Immigration Reform is the underlying principles behind America's immigration laws. In point of fact, these laws were enacted to protect innocent lives and protect the jobs of American and lawful immigrant workers.

As it is, the United States lawfully admits more than 1.1 million lawful immigrants each and every year. These aliens are immediately placed on the pathway to United States citizenship.

Each year more than 150 million aliens enter the United States as nonimmigrants who are admitted for a temporary period of admission and just about nothing is done to make certain that they leave when they are supposed to and that they don't violate the terms of their admission into the United States.

It is counterintuitive and wrong-headed to think that it makes sense to provide illegal aliens who, in the parlance of the open borders advocates (immigration anarchists) are "undocumented" with official identity documents that would act as a "breeder document" meaning that an alien who is provided with such a document could immediately apply for a Social Security card, a driver's license, credit cards, library cards (that provide access to the internet) and a host of other such legitimate identity documents.

An alien who is "undocumented" would be able to easily game this process to create a new and fictitious identity for himself (herself). The 9/11 Commission noted that the terrorists often create multiple false identities in order to obfuscate their true identities and to also be able to conceal their travel around the United States and elsewhere. Official identity documents also create the illusion of credibility and trustworthiness to those who possess such documents.

While national security and community safety need to be the highest priority issues, it is also important to note that at present one in six Americans is now being provided with food stamps, a clear indication that one in six Americans and one in four American children are now living below the "poverty line."

Unemployment and underemployment is a major factor in the current economic crisis that confronts the United States and continues to hobble the economy of the United States. Yet each month the United States admits well over a hundred thousand foreign workers who are legally entitled to work in the United States. Further exacerbating this situation is the lack of the enforcement of the immigration laws from within the interior of the United States meaning that aliens who evade the inspections process or who are admitted into the United States via the inspections process but then go on to violate the terms of their nonimmigrant admission into the United States are not being sought nor arrested for their violations of the immigration laws.

Indeed, the highly publicized statements of President Obama and members of his administration in addition to members of Congress in both houses and from both major parties about creating "pathways to citizenship" for illegal aliens has, in a manner of speaking, provided the equivalent of a shot fired from a starter's pistol at the beginning of a marathon. In this case the "runners" are aspiring illegal aliens from all over the world and for them, the finish line is the border of the United States! They are running with renewed vigor, having become convinced that if they could just cross that border that they will ultimately be permitted to remain in the United States and acquire new identities (of particular significance to fugitives from justice, transnational gang members and international terrorists).

We have become accustomed to the ever increasing scrutiny that airline passengers are subjected to before they are permitted to board airliners in the United States. We have all read the reports about frail and elderly wheelchair-bound passengers being groped and all but strip searched along with young children- all in the name of national security. Yet the fact that each day unknown thousands of illegal aliens run our nation's borders is ignored by the President of the United States and scores of officials of the federal, state and local governments who are openly disdainful of the immigration laws that were enacted to provide for the security and well being of America and Americans!

So now the "Gang of Eight" has spoken- now it is time for 300 million Americans to have their voices heard!

Democracy is not a spectator sport!

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