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When Drones Attack

Drone attack

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Government Force without Judicial Process

A memo from inside our government found here, makes a case for our government to ignore judicial process of law, when targeting and killing American citizens on foreign soil; who our government believes to be "associated" with terrorists, is a "senior" member of a terrorist organization, or if they pose an "imminent" threat to our country.

This gives our President / King unprecedented powers that will be decided on by a small group of people outside of our court system, purposefully skipping judicial due process of law to convict a person who may or may not be a terrorist, and the power to kill that person and anyone around them dead on command.

Our country is fallible, and giving unchecked power to our President to create a kill list that can be executed on foreign soil, that may include American citizens and the company they travel with, only based on what a small group of people believe to be true, is shocking, but not out of character for our state. The way we have already killed numerous terrorists without judicial process of law over the past ten years, has been a departure from the legal structure that put America on a pedestal of moral integrity in the first place.

Those in favor of such a power argue if there is an imminent threat to American citizens, our government is Constitutional bound to protect those citizens and strike out at those threats. But, if this proposed power is to kill such "imminent" threats on foreign soil; those imminent threats must have access to long-range weapons. How else could they be an imminent threat to American citizens if they were not on American soil, or in possession of long-range weapons?

Which to me straddles a line I'm sure will be crossed very soon, and that will be the killing of American citizens on domestic soil by some unchecked ruler and their small circle of advisers, without judicial process.

Granted most people, who end up on government lists as terrorists, probably had something to do with terrorism, but probably is not always. And as such, without judicial process, this small group of people could be killing American citizens who could be innocent, inciting the kind of hatred that created the terrorists in the first place.

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