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Crown Prince Sultan
Crown Prince Sultan
Sultan bin Abdulaziz Al Saud (30 December 1930 – 22 October 2011), called Sultan al-Khair was the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, from 2005 to 2011. | Photo: Associated Press | Crown Prince Sultan, Saudi Arabia, Royalty, Oil,

This Could be Funded by Hiking the Price of Gasoline

What about Saudi Arabia?

Could we Americanize Saudi Arabia like we attempted to do to Iraq?
What if we took their oil and installed an American-backed regime in Riyadh friendlier to the United States? It's been 12 whole years and we haven't attacked a third tiny country yet.

We only fight Third World impoverished countries much weaker and smaller than ourselves who lack nuclear power, and we allow smaller countries that can fight back like North Korea and Iran to develop nuclear power. We only fight countries lacking an air force, a navy and a standing army. Don't count Iraq. That wasn't a standing army---competent that is.

Our opponents have to be weak.

It's more important for us to conduct endless war in the Middle East without the consent of the American people, launching drones against countries like Yemen. The drone is a very Nazi-like weapon much like the German V1 Buzz Bomb. It randomly kills hopefully bad guys and residual unavoidable unlucky nearby innocents in an unjustified march toward Nazism in counter-vention of the Constitution.

We're becoming more like Nazis. The German helmet of World War II was the best helmet of the war. It was called a "coal scuttle helmet" because it looked like a pot to hold coal in the early 20th century. Our soldiers today wear this shape of helmet. To me, a boy who grew up watching World War II movies where the Nazis were the bad guys, this is troubling. Disturbing. To see our soldiers look more like Nazis.

Thank God when I served I wore the old G.I.-style helmet.

The ruthless pursuit of endless ignored-by-the-public wars and the use of drones and torture of prisoners is justified by the ends-justifies-the-means philosophy best personified by Dick Cheney, an adipose corpulent fatty-tissue snowball of a man who refers to himself as a "patriot," and who rides around in a limousine, and like-minded bums whose motto instead of "let them eat cake," is "let them (the public) eat bull."

Obama is the so-called "Progressive" who keeps it all going.

And remember, it was Saudi Arabia that gave us the hijackers that carried out 9-11, not Iraqis.
Why do we love Saudi Arabia? We hate Moslems. Because of 9-11, we hate all Muslims, even those in Indonesia, right?

Our FBI under the Patriot Act spies on American Muslims at home and in church. Japanese Americans who are old enough remember similar treatment during World War II just before they were locked up illegally in internment camps and had their jobs and property stripped away. Japanese Americans sympathize with American Muslims because they've been through it all (war hysteria) before.

A Muslim American told me he had been questioned in an airport by FBI agents for no other reason than he is Muslim, and they know it because they've been spying on his house from a van parked across the street.

President Obama signed the National Defense Act, which allows the government to arrest you based on mere suspicion and hold you in jail without charges, without trial and without an attorney. They can throw you in jail and throw the key away because they don't like you.

What kind of a country is this?

What kind of Democracy is this?

America is throwing out what's good about us to become more like our enemies. We're abandoning the Constitution because it's a dangerous world. Be very afraid. So afraid you let the government do whatever they want.

We could make Saudi Arabia first an exploited colony garrisoned by American troops and ruled by an American viceroy who looks like John Wayne. He could saunter around with a pair of pistols and say to all the turban-heads, get out of my way, Pilgrim!

Eventually, we would annex Saudi Arabia and make it the 51st state in the union.

We would call it, Saudi America.

We could flood the country with right wing duck hunters from Minnesota who still believe in Dick Cheney, and White Power skin heads with confederate flags on their trucks from the Deep South. They would take to it because Saudi Arabia, (excuse me), Saudi America, is a sandy, ugly, God-forsaken country just like Texas. The new arrivals would establish grease-laden junk fast food takeout shops, tequila growing farms, tattoo parlors, install condom dispensers, factories that make specially designed lingerie for transvestite congressmen, motorcycle parts stores, laminated fruit used as sex aids, DVD adult movie rental outlets, and back-yard cottage industries making affordable reproduction M-16 rifles for school guards.

We could build the very first adult-and-selected-minors-only X-rated Disney theme park and call it "Stud Mickey on the Dunes" (as in Mickey Mouse with a huge phallus riding a dune buggy across the Saudi sands). The center piece of the park would be the largest roller coaster in the world, specifically built to eject randomly chosen senselessly singled out certain unsuspecting riders engaged in the act of intercourse at high speed headfirst into a tiled lagoon. The possibility of this potential un-rehearsed home movie-style entertainment could be televised as a "Reality Show" for the cruel enjoyment of the ignorant and those easily impressed visitors who enjoy listening to Rush Limbaugh.

This could all be funded by artificially hiking the price of gasoline at your expense.

Think what we could do with that oil money. We could turn Mecca into a glittering casino city to rival Las Vegas or even Branson Missouri with Arabic symbols on slot machines to help fleece native sucker common-as-dirt potential slaves and hook them hopelessly on gambling, diverting them from their current occupations, sheep herding and wife beating.

A new industry, the sales of genetically-engineered gnats, would be developed, as hotter global warming sand dunes are prefect breeding grounds for the pesky insects. A rapidly multiplying growth bio-organic type of farming, gnats would be exported from Saudi America all over the world as a way to, after introducing them into the mouth, cleaning (by the insects eating away) decaying food between the teeth, eliminating the need for floss. A black market illegal trade could also be set up to infest the homes and cars of ex-wives and disagreeable bosses, the product to be titled, "Revenge with a Buzz." We could hire Glenn Beck as a spokesman.

A special tax will be set up levied on the families of American random serial killers back home, a sizable population, based on their household income, to fund the first non-interrupted, elevated freeway running from the coast of Florida to the new state of Saudi America. This will allow the free movement between continents of hordes of, as many Republicans view them, Social Security grabbing, leech-like-freebie-sucking salary-less elderly retired loafers, who think the world owes them for the simple act of living, a bunch of non-contributing, seasonal immigrant vagabonds who will flock to a newly-constructed upscale gated condominium development along the Red Sea to be titled, "Moses Slept Here, Phase One."

The Saudi royal family will be moved out and given property they already own in the fashionable Hamptons of New York State, and posh flats in London. They can thus be rich and drive Rolls Royces and pretend they are successful Englishmen.

The surrounding ocean would be denuded of all its sea life by over-fishing and the All-Sex Porno Channel TV introduced all across the country to take the place of the native religion, which will be abolished. Every citizen who currently practices any form of religion including Islam, Catholic and Mormon, will be required to convert instead to the selling of Mary Kay Cosmetics, a religion all its own.

Solar powered computerized micro chip mechanical camels will be created to run on the world's first water-gravity-flow-fed pneumatic tube monorail system, the water to be shipped by means of a specially constructed overhead pipeline from the Central Valley of California to Saudi America as California totally falls apart into bankrupt anarchy and no longer needs it. Governor Jerry will preside over this debacle.

Sound fair to you?

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