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Sigmund Freud
Sigmund Freud
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Why Time Can be a Distraction

The observation that we enslave ourselves to such a strict discipline around time really got me thinking, what if time did not exist, or we stopped paying attention to it, would we have complete chaos? Or would people just engage with the now, and live their lives in the moment, not living life for a future moment, or in regret of a past moment?

That revelation, to live in the now, is not new. After researching the topic further I found folks from Einstein to your next door neighbor, all having similar thoughts, we probably all have had such thoughts, it is human nature. Yet, we still tether our actions around time, and that can become crippling in certain circumstances. Thinking about stuff two hours in the future is pointless; as you may be dead in the next minute, just like the next 107 people, who are dying at this very moment will be. To think about time in the past is only keeping you from living in the current moment.

When we move away from living in the moment, we lose the ability to take action on amazing thoughts, ideas, and dreams we want to achieve. Instead we are preoccupied with adhering to a strict time schedule of activities, which can cut off the ability to act in the moment, and just like that - those ideas, thoughts, dreams, and the energy to act on them are gone.

This phenomenon is why writers carry pens or ways to jot down, or record their ideas in the now, they will not come back once they leave the now. Impossible, most times to ever be thought of again, they are. It's no different with what ever it is you most want to do most in life, but you are probably not prepared to spring into action or take advantage of the now. We have disciplined ourselves to a schedule that revolves around family, work, and basic life activities (eating, defecating, and sleeping).

Obviously society requires discipline, and we sacrifice the moment of now to sustain comfortable, consistent existences around a workweek, and a 24 hour / 7 days a week schedule, we cannot argue with its success. But when you have the chance, please for the sake of your dreams, unplug and tune out - live in the moment of now for as long as you can each day, and act on that which your heart and mind desire most at this very moment.

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