Earned, Not Given

Actions speak louder than words, Mr. President.

I want to respect my president. I know there are some out there who won't believe that, but I really do. I earnestly believe that the office of President of the United States is a position deserving of respect. But for the man currently occupying the White House, I have no respect. He has made it impossible.

President Obama set up the circumstances that led to the sequester. Congress most definitely voted for the Budget Control Act of 2011 - and they had every reason to, as it finally brought about some of the spending cuts the GOP had been fighting for...and since President Obama needed to appear serious about fiscal responsibility before the election, it was the best path forward for him at the time.

But since the election, President Obama has done nothing but lie about the sequester. He threatened all kinds of doom and gloom - food inspections would stop, and people would die. Air traffic controllers would be laid off. Police and firefighters would lose their jobs. We could not afford to keep teachers in the classrooms. The Administration included just about everything but locusts, famine, and pestilence, and if the president's manufactured crisis had continued much longer, I'm sure we would have come to that, too.

The Department of Homeland Security released over 2,000 illegal immigrants before the sequester even went into effect, and Janet Napolitano is threatening long delays at airport security checkpoints in cities across America.

All for a spending cut that doesn't even cut spending - although the sequester has been billed as a "spending cut," all it really means is that government spending won't be increasing by quite as much as it normally would have. If anything truly needed to be cut, it is only because the federal government had already spent some money it shouldn't have, considering the fact that everyone knew the sequester was coming up - something which very well could have been intentional in and of itself, given the administration's campaign of lies leading up to the sequester deadline.

President Obama has placed himself in the unique position where maximizing the people's pain from sequester benefits him politically. He even tried to hedge his bets in the hours before sequester kicked in, basically setting himself up so that he can blame any negative economic news in the coming weeks and months on Republicans and sequestration - regardless of whether or not the GOP is truly to blame, or it is due to President Obama's own policies.

So now we're stuck with a president who is openly lying to the American people, purposefully trying to cause as much pain for the public as possible, all for his own political gain.

And then there's the debate on gun control.

The president has sent Joe Biden out to be the face and voice of the Obama administration on the issue of gun control, and the Vice President has a stellar record thus far. In an effort to present himself as an ally to gun owners, Biden has recommended that people buy shotguns instead of AR-15s, stating that a double-barreled shotgun is easier to aim, easier to fire, and easier to control than a semi-automatic rifle...but that could not be farther from the truth. The AR-15 rifle compensates for recoil, making it much easier for people of all ages, male or female to control - but a double-barreled shotgun doesn't do the same, and can be very difficult to use.

But even worse than the Vice President's deception is his advice to gun owners. First, he told the story of how he had advised his wife to go out on the balcony of their home if she felt she was in danger, and fire off both barrels of their double-barreled shotgun...which, as it happens, is against the law in several states, particularly in Delaware, where the Bidens live, and the law states that it is illegal to fire your gun in a residential area unless your life is in immediate danger. He then went on, in a later interview, to advise gun owners, again, that a shotgun was superior to an AR-15, and that if you feel like you are in danger, you should fire your shotgun through the door. Like his previous advice, this is both unsafe and illegal.

So the administration's voice on the gun control debate is actively dispensing unsafe and illegal advice to the American people, all in an attempt to sound friendly and reasonable to gun owners.

The big question is, between the President of the United States and the Director of Homeland Security lying about the effects of the sequester, and the Vice President of the United States recommending that gun owners use their firearms in illegal and irresponsible ways, how can we possibly maintain respect for our president or anyone that works for him?

And then there are the recent events surrounding the Justice Department's efforts to provide a "legal" argument for using unmanned drone strikes on US citizens within the United States. The Senate has tried to get answers from Attorney General Eric Holder about this, but the best that Holder has been willing to do on the issue is to state that of course the President won't be using drone strikes against American citizens...except in extreme circumstances.
As of this writing, Senator Rand Paul has spent over ten hours filibustering John Brennan's nomination to CIA director, trying to pressure President Obama into providing some clear responses to what is undoubtedly one of the greatest constitutional issues of our time: Does the President of the United States, or any other official in the Executive Branch, have the authority to use drone strikes against non-combatant American citizens, subverting the 4th and 5th Amendments. Eric Holder's argument was that these strikes would only be used if it was determined that the threat of a terrorist attack from a US citizen was determined to be "imminent." But, as Senator Paul has pointed out several times during his filibuster, in typical government-lawyer fashion, "imminent," as defined by the Obama administration, does not necessarily mean "immediate."

One thing that confuses me somewhat is the unwillingness of many on the Left to stand with Senator Paul in support of the Constitutional rights of American citizens. It was the Left, after all, who were screaming bloody murder over the prospect of warrantless wiretapping during the Bush administration...and the Obama administration is talking about killing Americans, not just listening in on their phone conversations.

As I stated, Senator Paul has been going on for over ten hours now - all it would take to end the filibuster is a clear statement from the President or the Attorney General clarifying the administration's position on the use of domestic drone strikes on American citizens. Senator Paul has even stated that he will accept a telegram, a phone call, or even a tweet.

So it seems that we cannot even trust the President or the Attorney General to provide a clear position on what constitutes a clear violation of the U.S. Constitution.

All of this is aside from factors such as Fast and Furious and the 9/11 attacks in Benghazi, both of which are still being covered up by the Obama administration.

As difficult as it is to say, the man who has been tasked with leading our nation for the next four years has proven himself to be a liar who will twist any circumstance for his own political gain, even if it means harming America in the process. There is now documented evidence that the Administration is engineering the sequester cuts to maximize their impact on as many Americans as possible. The very same president whose Justice Department was caught distributing a memo classifying his political opponents as potential domestic terrorists will not give a straight answer on the use of drone strikes against U.S. Citizens it believes to be potential domestic terrorists.

President Obama was recently quoted as saying "I am not a dictator, I am the President." I say, actions speak louder than words, Mr. President. Your actions of late have been more on par with recently-deceased dictators Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro than they have been for the Leader of the Free World. Put all of this together, and the Obama administration, from the President of the United States to the Attorney General and beyond have not earned the respect garnered to them by their titles.

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