My Party for a Token

Marco Rubio
Marco Rubio
Marco Antonio Rubio, born May 28, 1971, is the junior United States Senator from Florida, serving since January 2011. A member of the Republican Party, he previously served as Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives. | Photo: | Marco Rubio, Republican, Senator, Florida, Cuban,

The Search for a Republican Token is On

Boy I don't envy the Republicans. Looking at the 2016 election, and the possibility of facing the formidable Hillary---what are they gonna do?
What would you do if you belonged to a party that has historically opposed every piece of social welfare legislation that so-called minority groups have over the years favored---minority groups that will soon make up the majority?
Let me put it another way. Your party over the years has dismissed or ignored Hispanics, who now make up half the population, and who caused your defeat in the last election. Now, if you're a Republican, you will disagree with that last statement. But let's be reasonable here. Let's be (if possible) open minded and willing to admit the truth.
What good does it do to lie to ourselves?
Did Cesar Chavez and his United Farm Workers consider the extreme right wing of the Republican Party back in the 1960s their supporters? C'mon! I implore you. Be honest. No, of course they didn't. The Republican Party was the party that considered Chavez and his cohorts to be communist-inspired trouble makers. Republicans wanted them to go back to the fields picking lettuce where they belonged and shut up and work for peon wages with no insurance.
Conservatives don't mind eating the fruit that's picked, they just don't want the pickers to complain about substandard brutal conditions.
I know. I grew up in a conservative household. Martin Luther King was also considered a communist. Now we have a holiday named for him.
Republicans have been the party of racism and exclusionism while simultaneously hiding behind the smokescreen issues of states rights and small government. No Republican president since Herbert Hoover has done anything except expand the size of government to the point that the United States is a modern Roman Empire.
In fairness, Democrats have expanded government too, just as much and at times even worse. You think I'm a Democrat? I'm not. But Democrats tend to be less hypocritical when it comes to issues of race. Let's get back to main theme.
If you're a Republican, how can you win an election when the groups you formerly ignored or derided (blacks and Latinos) now out-populate you, the angry white male, in the voting booth? Since you have never appealed to Latinos by doing anything that would cause them to vote for you and Romney didn't the last time out either-----what are you going to do?
The search for a token Latino or woman Latino presidential candidate is on, someone who will appeal to Latino voters while at the same time reaffirming the party's fundamental lack of understanding of inner city ethnicity.
My party for a token!
That must be the cry.
King Richard's cry "My kingdom for a horse," after he had his horse shot out from under him and was about to be killed at the Battle of Bosworth Field. In fact, after Richard's skeleton was located and confirmed last year and a reconstruction made of his face using computer technology, he looked just as rigid and inflexible as Mitt Romney did.
Romney made no appeal to Latinos, largely ignored them like they don't exist, and couldn't use history to ask them to vote for him because the Republicans have a long history of opposing Latino interests including immigration and migrant workers compensation rights----and Latinos know it.
Romney spent his time saying 48 percent of Americans were losers and deflecting the racist sexist statements of his comrades, for example, "God intended women to be raped." He also inferred to a group of black Americans during a speech that he wanted to help them get work so they wouldn't have to be lazy loafers.
Mitt could write a book on how not to run for president in a modern age.
So here's the magic act. We find a Latino who will run for president as a Republican and who will continue to more slyly this time oppose Latino interests, while at the same time giving the false impression he isn't.
The Republicans already unsuccessfully tried Bobby Jindal, of Indian descent, but he imploded as a Republican race token after giving that incoherent raving speech that he gave.
What about Marco Rubio? He's a Cuban American native of Florida. I refuse to badmouth a candidate this early in the 2016 campaign. He seems suave and smooth and young and he could be intelligent. Look for him to put a new face on conservatism if he is picked. Conservatives will likely soften to gain votes on a few lightening rod issues as a compromise, given the stark reality that too many of the wrong and used-to-be insignificant racial groups have been voting against them.
Perhaps Conservatives will bend a bit and allow gay marriage. Like throwing a bone to a dog.
But core values will remain, hypocritically saying they are for small government, while defending the corporate colossus empire, keeping the country flooded with assault guns, supporting wars against impoverished Third World Nations, and Nation Building, and hopefully with any luck, getting one of their own, a Cuban American, to help keep the rest of them (Latinos) as much as possible---in their imagined proper place.

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