Liberties Under Siege

The State's attack of our Civil Liberties.

You may not know you have inalienable rights that precede laws, precede governance, and precede man-made boundaries and restrictions. These natural rights keep you free, and only through coercion and force can they be disrespected; but they never cease to exist, unless you ignorantly or cowardly allow them to be ignored.

Natural Rights give you a lifelong right to liberty (freedom, including economic freedom), and a right to life (to self-preservation, to live the best life you can live, by any means necessary, as long as those means do not oppress another's natural rights) . We also have natural rights to property and a right to privacy (happiness) on said private property.

These natural rights are what underline our legal rights. This means you have a right to drive in your car and not be stopped on mere suspicions or for fabricated reasons. You have the right to know if your government is spying on you, and how the state spends your tax revenues. You have a right to expect privacy when you are in your home or on your private property, a right to privacy that does not vanish at 200 feet from the preying infrared eye of a police helicopter, or at 1200 miles above earth, from the preying eye of a spy satellite.

You may think I am paranoid to believe our rights and liberties are in harms way, fair enough, so below are various links to videos, which have taken place all across America. In each video, natural and legal rights are being broken and ignored; and if not for the bravery of these true patriots to stand up to such oppression and document it, we all might find ourselves victimized in the same way someday.

This video, by Gavin Seim, shows our rights to travel freely on public roads as "free" American citizens is in serious jeopardy in certain parts of our Republic.

This video, shows state agents once again stating non-facts, and creating laws based on "mere" suspicion, which is shocking. Look at them poke their heads constantly into the car, performing an illegal search without consent, looking for some excuse to further violate these citizens' rights.

This video, shows former CIA agents, who were peacefully growing an in-door garden, and had their house raided by a SWAT team looking for marijuana. Since the owners never had any previous incidents, and were not in fact marijuana growers, what probable cause was used for the warrant? I bet the court hearing will have a gag order to get the details on how the cops came to their "probable cause". They either were monitoring electricity use, violating the right to privacy for thousands of customers of electricity, or they were using thermal cameras, that highlight energy usage.

This video, students peacefully protesting on public property, that they pay to use, are assaulted by overzealous police officers violating these citizens 1st Amendment rights.

The Constitution
The Constitution

The supreme law of the United States of America. The first three Articles of the Constitution establish the rules and separate powers of the three branches of the federal government: a legislature, the bicameral Congress; an executive branch led by the President; and a federal judiciary headed by the Supreme Court. | Photo: |
This video, show state agents in Colorado, trying to conduct illegal searches. Notice how once again they are stopping innocent citizens to conduct a search on their sobritity without probable cause.

This video, shows a state agent who keeps repeating that this stop is for an illegal immigration checkpoint, but continually tells the passenger they have caught plenty of drug runners at this "immigration" checkpoint. Not sure when immigration meant drug running.

This video, shows how unchecked power leads to the violation of every right, both natural and legal. This officer threatens to manufacture evidence to charge this kid with, and his threats sound physical in nature. Magically his dashboard camera recording of this incident "disappeared". This kid was doing nothing wrong, was in a public parking lot, and gave the officer zero probable cause.

This video, shows another border patrol agent using dogs that can sniff your citizenship, or is it border patrol where we manufacture probably cause with a non-human agent of the state in order to oppress us further on some drug charge?

Finally, this video, showing a concerned citizen, Antonio Buehler, who witnessed police officers physically assaulting a woman, and took pictures of the event, being assaulted himself by the same police officers, who then tried to trump up phony charges that Buehler spat on them (a 10 year felony). The video clearly shows no such thing happened.

I literally could go on and show you another hundred videos, all showing the state violating our natural and legal rights all across our Republic, a Republic inspired by the importance to protect and respect our natural and legal rights, equally for all citizens, and not the trampling of them.

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