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How to find a Square Vegan Meal on the Road.

Lost and starving sucks! Lost, starving and being a vegan really sucks. Finding a vegan friendly restaurant while traversing much of America is downright impossible at times, which makes having a well-balanced vegan diet on the road very tough.

With less than 3% of Americans being vegan in the United States, finding a square vegan meal anywhere between Indiana and Colorado, can become a great vegan-survival getaway, where you forged for any fruits, vegetables, grains, and berries unscathed by meat or dairy products.

Even finding people who know what vegans are in most of the plain states becomes like a real life skit on the Tonight Show, where most Americans seem intellectually challenged by the simplest of dietary questions.

Dare tell folks you're a vegan in Oklahoma, Texas, or Montana, and you just might end up being what's for dinner. I once had a Oklahoman tell me he has never had vegan before, but they do have ostrich in the back if I wanted to try that instead ' he wasn't kidding.

Fortunately for us vegans, there does exist some fundamental tools for anyone daring to travel to dietetically-challenged states or countries; the internet along with your choice of any wi-fi hardware can be your road-map to a full belly almost anywhere you find yourself.

The following websites: VegGuide.Org,, and (for NYC), are a great place to start, and have the most accurate lists around. The user reviews and ratings found on come in handy, and have led my starving stomach to some killer vegan restaurants, especially along the east coast and Canada. also lists vegan friendly grocery stores in the area you are travelling to, just in case you are camping or have access to a kitchen. Plus a lot of vegan-friendly / health food grocery stores cater to vegans, and usually have prepared vegan meals in the coolers or throughout their store if you find yourself in a bind.

I also find it useful to take some raw food recipes with me, just in case I have to resort to buying whole produce from a grocery store, if no vegan restaurants exist in the area I am visiting or driving through.

A lot of these restaurants use the term "vegan" and "vegan-friendly" very loosely, and for real vegans, I would stick to restaurants strictly labeled vegan with numerous reviews, or else you'll be taking a dietary-risk.

If you do find yourself using these websites, make sure you jot down numerous restaurants, as vegan restaurants come and go like the lifespans of baby calves raised to become veal shanks ' happy travels!

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