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Done For? Yeah Right...

The musician Prince has been dazzling audiences, pushing music technology and distribution models, and remaining a consistent enigma for over three decades. One thing I have noticed in the over 33 years I have listened to his music (mostly live shows and boots, sorry P), is that he has a lot of haters.

The first night of his 3rdEyeGirl Tour kicked off in Vancouver, Canada, and a bevy of negative harsh reviews came out about the charity Prince was doing, and how that soured the mood for concert goers who paid (and could afford to pay $275) for premium seats. As if doing charity wasn't blasphemous enough, Prince had the unmitigated gall to not wear clothing from Purple Rain, ride a motorcycle, or take a bath with doves ' the horror.

Instead he rocked-the-f**k out with a three woman band (known as 3rdEyeGirl) and played material relevant to him and his band mates ' is that not the point of making music? If by mere chance or clever advertising, we the audience, catch on, then super, but if not, does it mean the music and musicians are under performing or washed up?

You probably won't hear a lot about Prince on the entertainment shows that feed the masses a corporate message, if Prince is anything, he's not subservient, business-speaking. His brave and possibly disastrous decision to break away from Warner Brothers Entertainment, a perennial powerhouse in the music and film business, and go it alone, speaks volumes to his anti-servant behavior in a corporate world.

They tried to bury him back then, they said he was done for, he was koo-koo, he "jumped the shark" (an actual headline about Prince's demise sometime back in the early 2000s); he essentially committed financial and career suicide going it alone, and testing out self-distribution via the internet back in the mid 1990s.

Of course what they say is usually wrong, and Prince did what he felt was right, and since going it alone, he has created a purple dynasty worth over $100 million dollars (according to USA Today). And what followed musically has been a fantastic ride along with Prince through numerous musical styles and albums (Rainbow Children, Lotusflow3r, Musicology, Crystal Ball) and live shows that have provided countless jaw-dropping musical moments and performances with some of the world's finest musicians (Maceo Parker, Larry Graham, John Blackwell, etc').

His latest band is a trio of women who encompass a wide range of musical styles, and has been his best band in years. The stripped down, funky and strong rock is infectious, and refreshing in a mostly electronic non-musician dominated music industry. All three women (Donna, Hannah, and Ida) have unique styles with an eclectic heritage, and when combined with whatever Prince is doing, it is working fabulously.

Don't believe me, listen to this link, does this sound like someone done, and a crowd unhappy with this band's performance? I would hurry on the link, Prince has a way of removing things online with a quickness.

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