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Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2006 after serving 16 years in the House of Representatives. He is the longest serving independent member of Congress in American history. | Bernie Sanders, Vermont, Senator, Congress,

Even Smart People get Dumb with Socialism

"The minds of men are in confusion, for the very foundations of our civilization seem to be tottering. People are losing faith in the existing institutions, and the more intelligent realize that capitalist industrialism is defeating the very purpose it is supposed to serve." ' Emma Goldman 1940.

Independent Senator Bernie Sanders half-way mocked he was not a libertarian on the Bill Maher show, but did acknowledge he was fine with being labelled a socialist. Far be it from me to tell Senator Sanders anything, but socialists and libertarians (anarchists) are essentially one of the same, if you understand what socialism really means.

Contrary to Marx and his ilk, socialism never meant state-run anything, at least not until it was twisted and perverted to serve authoritarian regimes that needed a gentle guise for their fascist actions against the governed (i.e. Stalin). Socialism, true socialism is about freedom to choose, not having a dictated set of choices given to you, true socialism advocated for a society without a governing body or governed people. A free society can only exist through voluntary association, which is something real socialists champion because everything else contains shades of authoritarianism.

Real socialism advocates for voluntary participation, and a worker-owned labor force, meaning the laborers own the means of production, not a boss, or the state, or someone outside those laborers who are using the means of production to create the products and services being sold in the market place.

I believe most of us are socialist anarchists (libertarians). Most of us seek free will, an ownership stake in our labor, so we can acquire equity that will give us a chance to build and accumulate wealth, to live the American dream. Unfortunately, if Senator Sanders, one of our most noble statesmen (if such a thing exists), can also be bamboozled into not realizing socialism is libertarianism, and absent of state coercion - then our populous has no chance either.

That's why most people wrongfully believe socialism is about a state stealing your wealth and dictating choices to you, that's a Democratic Republic with a tax system, and that's what you vote for every four years - strange when reality is the total opposite of what you thought.

The same goes for Libertarianism, it is not just about the individual. It is about making sure every individual, all of us, have the same rights, its actually socialism, equality of freedom for everyone, with voluntary participation, that is the essence of true socialism.

For anyone with a taste of learning more about what real socialism (anarchy socialism) is about, and how it is most definitely not what you think it is, check out these writings ( by Emma Goldman, a 20th Century philosopher and writer who held a modern and vast knowledge of real socialism.

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