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Raw food
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Why GMOs are not Vegan

I'm not sure if hiring private military companies responsible for the unlawful slaughtering of innocent Iraqis during the second Iraq war to intimidate anti-GMO advocates, scientists, and animal rights activists worked as well as Monsanto (the biggest GMO producer in the US) hoped for.

Or that this document, the leaked game plan to win over public opinion by big GMO manufacturers, by "buying" journalists to sell their agenda to, who will then sell it to the public as "news" or "science", is working like they thought, because now the creeps that make GMOs have sunk to a new low.

They are trying, desperately, to trick vegans into believing GMOs are vegan friendly. GMO scientists claim the genes used to splice together GMO products that come from outside the plant kingdom (like from the animal kingdom) are really just genes, "a gene is a gene is a gene", their new saying. Funny, I thought animal genes came from animal DNA, which probably wasn't handed over voluntarily by the animal. Which leads me to believe abusing animals is part of DNA extraction to some degree, and would make GMOs derived with animal genes non-vegan.

But who knows what the GMO products are derived from, they don't even label which products are GMOs, so labeling the ingredients of each GMO product is probably not going to happen anytime soon. But let's pretend GMO veggies, fruits, and grains are not being derived from outside of the plant kingdom (even though they are), they are still tested on real live animals, it is required by law.

Go on any GMO manufacturer's website, and amongst their press releases you will find a public statement that discusses their testing on animals.

Testing on animals is not a vegan principal, nor will it ever be. In fact if you purchase GMOs you are not a vegan. This is not something you can dodge around with clever wording or with a Facebook page, like the Vegan GMO, which is just comical in its ignorance of veganism.

And this is why I have been against GMOs for a very long time. It is my right to live the best life possible for myself, which being vegan is part of. If I can't go into a food store and know the products I am buying are vegan because they are not labelled, how can I live my vegan life? If the GMO seeds are not labelled to which kingdom (plant, animal, bacteria, etc') they are derived from, how can I know the foods produced from such seeds meet my vegan principles?

I can't, and to make it worse, GMOs cross-contaminate organic farms and crops, completely eliminating any vegan's right to live the best life possible for themselves. This is atrocious, to me such a violation I have tried to find legal representation on the matter, of course I was laughed at, ridiculed or ignored, and such is life when profits trump rights.

All we vegans can do is buy organic, preferably locally, grow our own food veganically, and of course do not buy any GMO products. Purchasing GMO products would be like buying make-up tested on animals, a leather sofa, or a fur jacket ' and none of that is consistent with veganism, nor ever will be.

Check out this website for sources to non-GMO seeds, and be sure to check the comments section, as a lot of good links to non-gmo and heirloom seeds can be found within.

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