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Brother, can you spare a vote?

Being non-partisan is tough, those who embrace your wisdom and ideas today, may scorn them tomorrow. Not having a group of fellow thinkers to back-up ideas and philosophies that fall outside of the two traditional ways of thinking (liberal or conservative), can be a tough and intimidating experience. But the blind comfort, some would say the ignorant comfort, being part of a larger group gives you is not conducive for quality governance in diverse populations.

Why would we think only two political philosophies could represent that vast collection of individual needs and wants in this country of over 300 million unique voices? Worse yet, what happens when those two political philosophies are really just one bad philosophy, and those under its governorship oppose it overwhelmingly?

And where has that left you? Do you really have representation in Congress?

None of the representatives on both the state and federal levels I voted for in the 2012 elections are in office, not one. In the election of 2008, only one of my votes was elected to office.

In 2004, zero of my voted for representatives made it to public office. In 2000, zero of my voted for representatives made it into office. In 1996, zero of my voted for representatives made it into office. In 1992, it was my first time voting as a senior in high school, and I was stupid, probably all my votes made it into office that year.

So for almost 20 years, I have had zero representation in this country because I'm not a democrat or republican. I have been forced to pay taxes into a system I disagree with, and pay and live under government programs, laws, and wars I have never given my consent by vote to enact or pay for.

I am without representation, and I will continue to be without representation, unless you realize something I did long ago. You are most likely also without representation in government.

Are you really for torturing people? Are you really for bailing out corporations and providing corporate welfare with your tax dollars? Are you really for giving almost half you earnings to the government (once state/federal/and sales taxes are accounted for)? Do you really want to murder innocent people in wars of choice? Do you really want to be spied on, have your civil liberties assaulted, and allow someone outside of yourself to control how you live your life?

No, I can't imagine one person wanting any or all of that, yet this is what we have been forced to accept, and it's because we have no representation. The democrats and republicans play for team oligarch, and team oligarch is not comprised of you and me, in fact, they may not even be comprised of Americans.

Our oligarch is comprised of corporations that are multi-national, who may not necessarily have America's best interest in mind, in fact some would argue they definitely don't have America's best interest in mind. And this oligarch pays to get their representatives on the ballots, into Congress, and their laws enacted across our Republic.

So I'll ask again, do you really have representation in Congress?

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