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Eric Holder
Eric Holder
Eric Himpton Holder, Jr. (born January 21, 1951) is the 82nd and current Attorney General of the United States and the first black American to hold the position, serving under President Barack Obama. | Eric Holder, Attorney General, African American,

Breaking Public Trust

It is no secret President Obama and his administration of thugs has crossed the line numerous times when it comes to intimidating the press and whistleblowers. The Obama Administration has a shameful and disgusting record of abusing the power of office to engage in leak witch-hunts at the cost of an independent and free press.

The latest example of the Obama Administration's assault on a free press and whistleblowers has been revealed by the Associated Press, who claim the Justice Department seized phone records from their office, illegally, that exposed confidential contacts, stories about the government, and other confidential information from a wide number of AP editors and journalists, perhaps over 100 total journalists and editors.

From the beginning of President Obama's administration, he has used the power of office in such an immoral way, the only legitimate recourse would be to step down. If we are to believe the leaks Private Brady Manning provided us, and who is now in prison for doing such, our President has a long history of supporting tyranny against the press. In Iraq, independent Iraqi journalists reporting on the widespread corruption within the U.S. backed al-Maliki administration, were rounded up by our military, some never to return, others intimidated even physically harmed in order to quell their reporting.

Eric Holder (Attorney General) claimed that the latest leaks at the Associated Press were very serious and could lead to the deaths of U.S. citizens, very, very, scary stuff right? Unfortunately I heard this before, and it was about WikiLeaks and Private Bradley Manning, and till this day, not a single person has come into harm's way from those leaks outside of Private Bradley Manning and Julian Assange (WikiLeaks).

If the government is committing a crime and declares it classified, is it beyond reproach by our media and citizens? This is essentially what the Obama Administration is doing with this public witch-hunt on whistleblowers and investigative journalists not beholden to corporate masters, the same corporate masters that the Obama Administration serves.

Julian Assange once alluded to the fact that if you don't have a free and independent media, or whistleblowers, you cannot have a free and prosperous state. Even with both of those you will never have a free state (the state relies on force), but keeping the state small, "useful", and away from tyranny over those they govern, is crucial to respect our natural rights, and balancing the line between being ruled and having representation.

You'll notice ex government employees (Alberto Gonzales) and ex-Obama Administration folks (Gibbs, Axelrod), among current Administration folks, and their paid-for minions in the corporate press coming out on full-attack, to justify this government witch-hunt for supreme secrecy.

They will also tell us how these leaks represent a most serious danger, and our country has a duty to hunt them down. Of course they can't tell you what that danger is because it is confidential, you'll just have to trust them ' they know what's best.

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