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Charles Rangel
Charles Rangel
Charles Bernard "Charlie" Rangel, born June 11, 1930, is the U.S. Representative for New York's 13th congressional district. A member of the Democratic Party, he is the third-longest currently serving member of the House of Representatives, serving consistently since 1971. | Photo: U.S. Representative | Charles Rangel, Democrat, Congressman, New York, African American,

An impossible plea by Representative Charles Rangel

I can't say I agree with Representative Rangel on very much, but his recent plea made before the investigative committee looking into the IRS Targeting Conservative Organizations for Extra Scrutiny, left me agreeing with the lifelong politician on one issue. Rangel basically told the acting commissioner of the IRS, Steven Miller, to be honest in his testimony to help restore the public's trust in our government, a trust no longer afforded to Rangel and his colleagues in Congress, which I could not agree more with; I haven't trusted or held any confidence in our Congress or government for over 20 years.

Rangel's plea to, "help us to restore the confidence Americans should have in our government", is an impossibility, and only someone as delusional as Rangel (who has been at the center of numerous scandals himself) could begin to believe that intelligent citizens would ever hold any trust in our government. How can an organization like a government, backed only by force, secrecy, and coercion, ever gain our confidence?

Who in their right mind would trust a government that was overwhelmingly told by the majority of American citizens that they wanted universal health care, but instead government put into law the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. corporate for-profit insurance non-care 2.0)?

Who would hold confidence in a government that was overwhelmingly told not to bail out Wall Street by our citizens, only to then bail out Wall Street with almost a trillion dollars in loans with our money?

Who would trust a government that spies on American citizens in the name of security, when most citizens deem privacy a core security issue?

Who would have any confidence in a government that allowed banks, international corporate conglomerates, and mortgage lenders to inflate and burst a housing bubble that literally sent over 7 million Americans and their families out of their homes in questionable foreclosures or forced short-sales? The same government who then turned around and gave those same banks and vile mortgage lenders billions of our tax revenues to rescue them, not the millions of American homeowners left without homes, how is that trustworthy?

On the State level who is going to trust a government that allows for deadly police brutality upon unarmed citizens, and the destruction of evidence using fascist measures that go against the basic tenants of being a civilized human? For those inclined to be disappointed in public servants and systems of authority check out the following:
  1. Video one
  2. Video two
  3. Video three

How can we have any confidence in a government that continually acts against our collective wishes regardless of the topic from marijuana, to peaceful protests at government fund-raisers? When government does not govern with our consent, government is then dictating their choices upon all of us, something never deserving of our confidence.

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