Obama is Conservative

You're only against Big Government when it Suits You

Obama isn't going to be impeached.

Get over it.

Forget about it.

It's a done deal. You Mister Conservative, you helped to cause this. If Obama represents a police state as you now contend, that should be okay with you because you never complained about the Bush Cheney presidency when many of these policies were implemented, policies that Obama has continued.

Obama is a conservative. He's your best buddy and you're too stupid or fanatic to realize it. He's one of you. Maybe if the truth be known, it's mostly because he's what you consider a (N word) that you don't like him.

Remember that 1950's movie "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" where aliens taking over a hick town hatched out of pea pods. I've discovered to my horror that he (Obama) is one of you, a conservative hatchling pea pod. They're not taking over, they already have.

The Patriot Act and the old Nazi tactic (Emergency Powers Decree of 1933), using an imagined world-wide conspiracy (Muslim) to strip rights by declaring the world an endless war zone and such a dangerous place from small countries and small groups of vagabonds----that the American people need to be protected, and from themselves. By eroding away rights, wiretapping, searching your financial records based on suspicion without judicial oversight (National Security Letter), and creating a gulag prison to house many innocent victims of burgeoning American Fascism.

I mean Guantanamo. Oh please. Whip me! Torture me for a confession even though I often have to make one up because I'm innocent. Justice doesn't matter. Drown me in a bucket of water. How ironic. This S&M parlor prison is located on a tiny impoverished communist-run island Cuba that we have unsuccessfully tried to conquer for almost 70 years. This is America, Land of the Less Free, Home of the Depraved.

Bush and Cheney did this and you never complained. Obama has reaffirmed it. But now you want him out because of the IRS illegally investigating you which is only one part of the Conglomerate Corporate Big Brother Invade-Tiny-Countries-with-Indiscriminate-Drone-Bombs Government Re-Make that you Mister Conservative approved of, initiated and have nurtured along.

Benghazi-Gate? We didn't fortify the embassy enough? Imagine, a president trying to put a justifying spin on events. That's never happened before? Neither Bush, Cheney or Obama can know everything, take preventive measures against everything. They're too busy redefining the Constitution. We're occupying the whole world like a Roman Empire with military bases everywhere and like the Romans, we can't win every battle.

We need somebody to blame. When Bush sent soldiers into Iraq without flak vests, you didn't fault him back then.

The GOP, the Goddamn Old Double Standard Party.

Now repeat after me, instead of "We the People," say "You the Underling, For Your Own Good, and Whether You Like it or Not'.."

That's the new Constitution.

You hypocrite! You're only against big government when it suits you politically.

It's the New World Order. You made it. Bush founded the Guantanamo American Bastille and Obama kept it open. He's your buddy, a conservative. You never minded until now. Why?

Obama continued torture techniques of prisoners (you liked that), confirmed the right to assassinate American citizens abroad suspected of something (you liked that too), re-signed the Patriot Act (your favorite), continued illegal surveillance of you in church (you're for it), approved a $60 billion arms deal including a sugar daddy fix weapons guarantee with the Saudi Arabians---a corrupt group of sultans.

I ask the question, where's the liberal?

Obama lengthened military occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan despite promises not to, in some cases replacing troops with hired mercenaries whose morality and loyalty rests with their paycheck and not the state.

Where's the liberal here?

Obama is like the (pardon the pun) black-sheep irresponsible uncle in your family you love to despise because doing so makes you feel bigger when in fact he's no worse than you are yourself.

You don't like immigrants, mostly Mexicans who come here to mow your lawn, park your car and wash your dishes at the restaurant, or vacuum your rug (you can pay under minimum wage and no insurance). But Obama has deported more illegals than any president before him.

Show me the liberal. I demand to see.

Bush propped up corrupt dictatorships in the Middle East like Egypt and Obama did too. Bush hiked campaign financing to unbelievable extravagance and so has Obama, surrounding himself with money shark advisors of the kind who destroyed the U.S. economy in 2009. Both men failed to reign in the behavior of banks or spearhead corporate tax reform so the army of tubby mostly white men who inhabit skyscrapers and who would steal $60 off their own mothers would pay their fair share of taxes.

Where's the liberal?

Even though Obama said otherwise earlier, both he and Bush have favored free trade agreements with other countries (NAFTA) that strip American workers of their jobs. Both men have aggressively gone after journalists and whistleblowers including the WikiLeaks guy who expose American gangsterism and dirty illegal secrets.

Both Bush and Obama ignore global warming as too inconvenient and costly to do anything about, both supported offshore oil drilling and wimpy (no teeth for abusers) environmental standards.

There must be a liberal here somewhere. Oh, I see. Obama wants a ban on assault rifles. He also wants a watered down health care system so weak it can't even be called that. Okay. He's a liberal.

I see the light. Impeach the bastard. But please, do your best to ignore the one who came before him.

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