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Government Overreach

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The Verizon Debacle

Leaks coming from the Obama Administration show pressure being applied to Verizon and other cell phone carriers to provide phone and text records for millions of US customers by our government, in not only calls overseas, but local calls also, according to Glen Greenwald of The Guardian.

From 1983-2013, 3487 Americans have died from terrorist related activities, and 11,318 Americans have been injured due to terrorist related activities over that 20 year span here in America.

If we were to add up all of those Americans murdered or injured in terrorist attacks here in the United States, we would get 14,805 US citizens directly impacted by terrorist activity in 20 years. If all of those attacks occurred over just one year, that would represent an attack on .00004717266% of our total US population.

In contrast, just this year alone, over 570,000 US citizens will die of cancer; over 120,000 US citizens will die in accidents (unintentional injuries); over 90,000 US citizens will die from medical error; and over 35,000 American citizens will take their own life. And that's just this year alone.

Just this year alone, over 1 million American citizens will be evicted in foreclosures from their homes due to financial terrorism. Just this year alone, over 40 million American citizens will require food stamps, due to a corrupt system of crony-corporatism ran by financial terrorists. Just this year alone, over 12 million US citizens will file for bankruptcy due to medical costs, costs set by financial terrorists.

So with all those numbers in mind, why are we allowing our government to trample our rights to privacy, engage in authoritarian snooping, which is a direct violation of our 4th Amendment rights, when less than .00004717266% of our population has been attacked by terrorists in over 20 years?

Especially while millions of American citizens in this year alone will be at the mercy of financial terrorists, cancers, error-prone medical professionals, and just bad luck or depression.

This isn't the first time our government has twisted the arm of a corporate telecom provider or web providers for American citizens' private data, but during a time of weakness due to endless scandals and low approval ratings, this Administration is vulnerable to pressure by our citizens.

It is our responsibility to put the pressure on our "elected" officials by calling and emailing your local representatives and this Administration, and letting them know such blanket spying on our population without probable cause is a gross violation of our rights to privacy, and a gross overreach of the power of government.

If for some reason you believe our government has the power to trample our natural rights to privacy, you are also part of the problem. Our government does not grant any rights, it merely protects them, or in this case violates them.

The Patriot Act, CISPA, and every other piece of big-brother legislation created in the wake of 9/11 have only used fear and propaganda to justify their existence, and to keep us citizens in the dark and subservient to this violation of our privacy.

If you are easily tricked by their scary talk of boogie-man terrorists, remember in over 20 years less than .00005% of our population has ever been assaulted by terrorist.

There are supposedly 140 million plus Verizon customers here in the US, all of them violated by our government's overreach, which represents over 44% of our entire population.

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