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Jay Carney
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Snowden Shows The Consequences Of U.S. Weakness

It didn't take long for the debate triggered by Edward Snowden to move beyond the question of "Should the United States Government be violating the 4th Amendment rights of its citizens en masse" to "Is Snowden a whistle-blower or a traitor." But even though the media, albeit somewhat more slowly than in recent years, has come around once again to support the Obama regime, the damage has been done, and the US is stuck dealing with the consequences of four and a half years of an anti-American president.

President Obama began his first term with what many conservatives and Republicans derided as his "apology tour," basically going all around the world, meeting with top diplomats in other nations, bowing in submission to them, and apologizing for all of the wrongs, real or perceived (mostly perceived) committed by America over the years. The tour did little, if anything, to improve America's standing on the world stage, but President Obama, his administration, and his party seemed quite oblivious to that fact. The Snowden incident has made the truth of Obama's foreign policy weakness that much more difficult to deny.

When Edward Snowden made his big revelation that the American government was spying on its own citizens, basically confirming what many Americans already suspected, and then ran off to China, of all places, it left a lot of people questioning: "Why would a freedom-loving whistle-blower run to an anti-freedom communist regime like China?" It was a fair enough question, but the answer is somewhat obvious: he doesn't really have any other options.

The choice of Hong Kong as his initial destination was in itself a bit confusing, as his chances of extradition were fairly high'until the "revelation" that the US was engaged in cyber-warfare against China ' a fact that was surprising only to the uninformed, who likely still don't know. We have had a rather active cyber-war going on with China for some time now, with each side semi-secretly hacking the other, but Snowden's outright admission that the US was engaged in cyber warfare against China was at least enough to give the Chinese an excuse to delay in doing much of anything about Snowden (other than getting whatever information they could from him) until he could flee from that nation. And while that revelation may have bought him enough time to get out of Hong Kong, Snowden is left with little choice but to run into the open arms of America's enemies if he wants to escape the wrath of American authorities, who are all too willing to get their hands on the man who gave America its latest black eye.

With the aid of various scumbags at Wikileaks, Snowden was able to slip out of Hong Kong, apparently unbeknownst to most everyone in U.S. intelligence, but knownst to the majority of the American media. And while White House spokesman Jay Carney, along with Secretary of State (and notorious America-hater) John Kerry spent a significant amount of time and effort wagging their fingers at China and Russia today, Snowden's flight has resulted in yet another revelation: this time, it is clear to everyone the world over just how neutered the United States really is on the world stage.

Despite various public threats and cajoling by the U.S. government, China let Snowden get away. And while the Chinese government may provide various excuses, there is little doubt that they could have detained Snowden for extradition, had they wanted to'but a threat from the White House just doesn't carry the weight that it used to, and it's almost hard to blame China for thumbing their nose at the Administration and allowing Snowden to slip away.

If anything, this entire debacle has been and will continue to be a practical demonstration of the ridiculousness of the Obama Administration's foreign policy, starting with the now-notorious "apology tour," followed by various snubs of America's closest allies around the world. President Obama's wrong-headed notions of America's place in the world have consequences for the entire nation, and those consequences are being played out now on the world stage as one techno-geek has shown the world just how vulnerable the nation formerly known as the world's greatest superpower truly is when the wrong people are running the show.

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