Amash Amendment Fails

Effort to Defund NSA Spy Programs Fail

Most of us assume we live in a democracy, we even believe our representatives vote as we would vote. In reality nothing could be further from the truth, and when our "representatives" are ignoring the majority will of the people they supposedly represent, you no longer have a representative democracy.

A recent House measure introduced by Justin Amash (MI) was a bold measure to end the public funding for the secret government programs inside the National Security Agency (NSA), which revolved around blanket spying tactics on innocent Americans. Not passing the Amash amendment means the 4th and 9th Amendment rights of millions of Americans will continue to be violated; it also prevented us, the voters, from knowledge of a program our "representatives" were legally held back from telling us about. Without transparency you cannot have knowledge, without knowledge you cannot have an educated voter, without an educated voter you cannot have a democracy, not even a representative democracy.

Not surprisingly 217 cowards decided that the government can regulate itself, without any transparency, and without public involvement from U.S. citizens via democracy.

Even so called "liberty" minded representatives like Michele Bachmann (MN), Rodney Alexander (LA), Gus Bilirakis (FL), John Carter (TX), John Culberson (TX), Ander Crenshaw (FL), Trent Franks (AZ), David McKinley (WV), Randy Neugebauer (TX), Ted Poe (TX), Mike Rogers (MI), and Tim Walberg (MI) voted to keep the status-quo in place, and showed they are actually not liberty minded at all.

If we actually had true democracy in America, and a vote was put to the people on whether the government should have the power to secretly wiretap and listen to millions of innocent citizen's private moments, funded by those in-the-dark-citizens, do you think the majority of Americans would consent to that?

217 Representatives in the House did, which only once again shines a light on a government not governing by our consent, and instead dictating their will upon us, while forcing us to secretly fund it through involuntary taxes.

If you believe in having your 4th and 9th Amendment rights recognized and respected by our government, by not allowing the NSA to wiretap our communications (phone, email, videos, pictures, webcam, chat logs, etc') without a transparent domestic public court warrant per individual case, then please call your Representative(s) if they are on the right side of this list (

Please ask them why they voted down the Amash amendment to restrict NSA powers, and ask them if they think your civil liberties are important to you. Then ask if they took a vote in the area they represent (where you live) to see what the sentiment of their constituents were on this issue? Let's see just how well democracy is doing here in America.

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