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Barack Obama
Barack Obama
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Hypocrisy at its finest.

In his grand "pivot" back to the economy (his nineteenth since taking office back in 2009), President Obama has come up with a grand new scheme to save our economy, or something. At the least, his plan lets him mock Republicans, and it seems this president never passes up an opportunity to thumb his nose at the opposition.

President Obama's plan involves lowering America's corporate tax rates, then using the revenue generated by that reform to fund more infrastructure projects.

Let me repeat that: President Obama's plan involves LOWERING America's corporate tax rates, then using the REVENUE generated by that reform to fund more infrastructure projects.

What President Obama is doing here is not as much a plan to help the economy recover as it is an insult to the intelligence of every American capable of basic logical thought. After all, how many years did this president spend telling us that Congress must allow the Bush tax cuts to expire because we could not afford the "cost" of those tax cuts? And yet now, when his main goal seems to be finding any possible excuse to dodge his "phony" scandals, he is finally willing to acknowledge that tax cuts lead to increased revenues?

It's enough to make your head blow clean off of your shoulders.

But as much as Republicans and conservatives might agree with cutting taxes (though several Republicans have pointed out that, by leaving out any tax breaks for small businesses, the chances of economic stimulus are minimal, at best), the rest of President Obama's plan leaves a lot to be desired. We are a nation burdened with a massive debt, and a government that spends as though we're running massive surpluses. The same president who shut down White House tours because of the "sequester" is getting ready to go on his next multi-million-dollar vacation, while sending massive amounts of money to Egypt and the Palestinian Authority, both of whom are questionable allies, if they can be called allies at all. Considering our crushing debt, the logical maneuver would be to use any extra revenue to try and defray some of our government's expenses, while maybe cutting some spending to even further alleviate the nation's debt situation.

But instead, the president is going back to his old standby: infrastructure spending. Didn't we try that? I mean, there was that 2009 stimulus bill, passed by Congress and signed by President Obama, which authorized billions - almost a trillion - in spending on infrastructure projects. How far did that spending get us if, over four years later, we're still talking about infrastructure spending? As it turned out, that 2009 spending bill was more a vehicle for the political class to grant kickbacks to their favorite donors & causes than it was a vehicle to stimulate the economy. It turned out to be a miserable failure, even by the Obama administration's own standards. If this president not only couldn't get it done back then, but used his own stimulus bill for personal political gain, why should we trust him this time around?

The truth is, President Obama doesn't really care about our economy or our infrastructure...if he did, he wouldn't have had to pivot his focus back to the economy nineteen times over the course of his presidency. We tried it President Obama's way, and it was an utter failure, so now Obama is hoping that, by taking half of a half-measure from the Republican playbook and framing it as some kind of grand compromise, he can rub it in the GOP's face later when this too fails to stimulate the economy.

Wake up, America. This isn't about the economy at all ' it is all about political manipulation.

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