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Karen Glass Massage multi-modality healing

Somatic, derived from the Greek word soma, means the living body in its wholeness, beyond just muscles and bones.
Research shows us that our mind and emotions affect our bodies. We also know that the relative health or "dis-ease" of our body affects our mind and emotions. For example, we all know that if we are under stress, it is easier for us to catch a cold. It is also true that people with chronic pain may feel depressed. Even a family crises or stressful relationship can affect how we feel on a given day.

After a recent breakup, it was recommended to visit a gifted person who is a whole body healer, utilizing different modalities to address the many faceted issues of stuckness, illness and pain. When we are in distress, especially at the end of an affair of the heart we need to release the person we have just separated from and let go of all the attachments that have been growing during the relationship. Once we are free of that, we can move on with our lives and have a clearing. But if we don't sever the chords that have attached, we will be stuck with that person on a somatic level and bring them into our next relationship.

The practitioner, Karen Glass of Glass Massage, is located in a quaint area of Old Town, Ventura (like a scene from Back to the Future.) In this intimate tiny space, I was greeted by a tall in stature, strong in limbs yet pure in heart and gentle-in-soul healer with a kind, sweet smile. The session begins immediately with a psychic run down of patterns and an over view of one's lifescript. Her insights were uncanny, revealing personal truths that no one else would know, from an image of a brown teddy bear given by my mother to a specific name of a current friend, to little secrets between my parents and their siblings who are now departed.

After the initial shock of the reading, my body was open to receive the healing as I lay down on the soft, cushy massage table. In most massages, you and the massuese are silent (unless you're a gabby person like me) but in this session, the practitioner is highly intuitive and connected to you and where you are holding pain and blocks. She went right for the hot spots. She also sees auras, clears and opens chakras, and does angelic healing. If this sounds far out, it is. If you don't believe in all the other dimensional stuff, she probably won't discuss it with you, but I wanted all the bells and whistles.
On Glass's website, she explains in simple terms the kind of healing she performs. She is also known for her Healing Rose Therapy.

"Somatic Healing Sessions are a combination of energy work, massage and mediumship. Many diseases have been found to have psychological components. Sometimes illness is the direct result of past trauma and emotions stored in the body. With the help of our guides and angels we work on releasing and healing these negative emotions or energies out of the body so they are no longer affecting your health."

In basic terms, when we take the time to focus, we can become aware of those places where we are holding onto past hurts, traumas and unresolved issues. That is, we can recognize those places where we are tight, sore or uncomfortable. It may be our stomach, shoulders, neck or head. We may not have even known that we were uncomfortable until we stopped and paid attention.

Whenever we have had some painful or traumatic experience, we carry not only the memory and feelings connected with that experience, but we remember it physically as well. It is a kind of bodily memory of that event.

The therapist has to be very present with and focused on the client and gives the client feedback about what is observed. This support and feedback helps the client in becoming more aware of their own experience and helps to validate the client's experience.

We are so often unaware of what we are feeling and experiencing in the present moment. Whenever we can become more aware of what is happening with us, we can often make better choices and decisions. Then we can release any pain and tension that gets locked into the body from years of ignoring feelings. While many people still do traditional psychotherapy and spend most of their time talking from their heads, the somatic therapy model focuses on the whole person, the mind/body/spirit. In this way we can heal on a deeper level and experience our full potential.

Glass explains that she combines mediumship with her healings which reaches way beyond any one modality alone.

Medium is a person who has the ability to communicate with the souls of people who have passed on. We are translators for spirits so they can communicate with their living loved ones. I, personally, am able to feel and/or hear thoughts, voices, or mental impressions from the spirit world. To do this I become receptive to the higher frequency or energies on which spirits vibrate. Karen Glass

As an intuitive empath, Glass is probably one of the best on the planet today. Her mind/body/spirit hypnosis and the ability to contact loved ones from the other side is quite amazing. She was contacted by my long lost fluffy puppy, Domino whom she says hangs around me, right by my side.

I actually feel this often, even after 11 years of being gone. She also told me that most of my writing is being channeled and I need to be open to hearing the important messages to share with my readers. The only problem is that whenever I write about something, the energy of others sticks around me and I need to clear it. I have been experiencing insomnia lately and need to put white light around my bedroom, where I spend a lot of time writing, right here in bed! She saw the time, 2 am. and that is when I look at the clock and lament that I'm still not asleep. The session was 2 hours and my only regret is that I didn't record it.

If you are ready for a true healing in the deeper realms, in a multi-dimensional experience and let go of the ties that bind, treat yourself to a session with this angelic lady. If you're in the Los Angeles area, you can book a somatic massage and hypnotic healing session. Because she is such a gentle guide, you will feel safe to experience her messages. Her humble manner, quiet wisdom, and peaceful essence is the perfect demeanor for receiving this kind of information. Her guidance comes from a pure heart. She is unlike any other, because she is authentic and does not have the showmanship and theatrics, just a clear channel. Treating yourself to a healing modality like this is necessary to prevent further dis-ease from settling into the body. In fact, most diseases begin with stuck energy that blocks the chi (life force) from flowing freely across the body into all the organs and systems. She also works with people on the Internet via skype. This is the best gift you can give to yourself or a loved one.

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