Matty Amendola

Mark Hudson, Matty Amendola
Mark Hudson, Matty Amendola
John Moyer, Matty Amendola, Mark Hudson and Madame Mayhem attend the Madame Mayhem Album Release Party at The Cutting Room on October 27, 2012 in New York City | Photo: Ben Gabbe | Link | Mark Hudson, Matty Amendola, Music, New York,

Record label owner and artist development specialist

The accomplishments that Brooklyn producer, songwriter and musician Matty Amendola has under his belt would put most young people to shame. At his age, not many musicians can say they've founded both a record label and an artist development service.

He spent most of his childhood in the studio, inspired by his father Billy Amendola whose band, Mantus, had three Billboard Top 10 hits. Time invested in learning new instruments and improving vocals paid off in the form of musical diversity and a variety of talents.

"I think growing up in the studio, literally, helped me with the most important studio trick which is being comfortable. I could produce artists and be their entire band in the studio. I can produce bands and understand what's going on in every single band member's head," Amendola says.

Amendola established Froductions to develop and enhance independent artists and to offer them a chance at the international success that he has attained.

For a flat rate per song, Amendola guides the striving artist through preproduction, studio time, band and instrumentals, mixing and mastering.

"I can compose and score for TV and movies, like the most recent commercial I did for MetLife & The World Baseball Classic and be able to write, record, and perform an entire song without having to hire anyone else," he says.

An original song written and performed by Amendola played in a World Baseball Classic commercial which aired in 42 countries.

Aside from music production, Froductions specializes in artist development, publicity photos, custom press kits and marketing consulting.

"Froductions came during a transitional period for me. I was deep into developing artists on my label 825 Records," Amendola says, "but I was working with so many talented people who just didn't fit the 825 vibe. I still wanted to help them after the recordings were finished and that's how Froductions started."

Tammie K, a recent Froductions client, released her debut single Joy in March. Tammie K hired Froductions to have her track produced, recorded and mixed by Amendola. Now that the single has been released, Froductions is marketing Tammie K's unique sound. To see her EPK video, created by Froductions, click here.

Artists interested in working with an experienced musician and producer to develop a track or EP can check out their website for information on how to get in touch with a member of the Froductions team.

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