Who Makes a Terrorist?

Suicide Bomber
Suicide Bomber
A suicide attack is an attack upon a target, in which an attacker intends to kill others and/or cause great damage, knowing that he or she will either certainly or most likely die in the process. | Photo: | Suicide Bomber, Terrorist, Bomb, Violence, Death, Explosive,

How one man became a suicide bomber

I am a defender of my family. I am a liberator for my people. I am a freedom-fighter. I am a Patriot. I will one day be considered ' by my people ' a martyr. I will one day be considered ' by Zionist pigs ' a terrorist.

This is my story, the story of a suicide bomber'

My name is Mustafa Abdul-Aziz, and I'm Palestinian. My father, grandfather, great-grandfather, and every single blood relative I have all the way back to the very first generation of my entire family is Palestinian. My family and I were conceived in Palestine. We were birthed in Palestine. We were raised in Palestine. We belong to Palestine. Indeed, we are the God-ordained children and inheritors of the land. Palestine always has been, continues to be, and always will remain, our God-given home!

Unlike nearly all of my ancestors, who for generations lived in a beautiful village in Palestine, I was born in the squalor of a refugee camp in the Gaza Strip. This, however, was in no way a choice my family made. No, my family was forced by the Zionist soldiers to flee from their home in 1948. They were forced to leave behind the beauty they had in the village, and trade it for the filth and disgust of a refugee camp. And life inside of a Gaza Strip refugee camp is all I have ever known.

Every single day I am reminded by the wall that surrounds us that we are not free. Every single day I see an entire nation of people who have no hope for a better future. Every single day I see children who are unable to enjoy playing with each other outside due to the fear they have from the warplanes that fly overhead. And every single day seems worse than the day before. But that will end. I will help to make it end. Indeed, one day Palestinians will be free to live once again.

We must, however, fight the enemy with whatever means we can, to ensure that happens. We ' the people ' are our only hope for a better future. The politicians ' American, Israeli, Arab, even Palestinian ' will never, ever find a solution to our problem. I do not even believe they want to find a solution. Actually, I am 100% convinced they do not want to find a solution. If they truly did, they would have already done so.

And the same stupid, selfish politicians won't find a solution in the future either. Because if they did, they would no longer be able to use us, our struggles, and our sufferings for their own political and personal goals and advancement.

In reality, we have no one who will fight for us. We are whores without a pimp. We only have ourselves.
We are not terrorists though. We are not evil like the Zionists make us out to be. We are not who you think we are. We are doing what any person in our shoes would do: stand up and fight for freedom!

We are the ones fighting to make life better for the next generation. We are the ones who say enough is enough. We are the ones who say that we deserve better, that we deserve clean water, basic healthcare, and an opportunity to receive an education. Is that too much to ask for? Is that too much to hope for? Apparently, for my generation, it is.

My generation does hope, it is just that we do not hope for any of those things'

We are single-minded in our focus. We strive for one thing, and one thing only: a way to guarantee the next generation does not suffer like we do. And that is why for me, today is the beginning of the end.

Today is the day I will give my life as a martyr for my people. Today, my blood will be spilt. Today, through my death, I will bring life one step closer to my people.

Today, I will be in Paradise.

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