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End of Summers Blues

Larry Summers
Larry Summers
Lawrence Henry "Larry" Summers, born November 30, 1954, is an American economist. He served as the 71st United States Secretary of the Treasury from 1999 to 2001 under President Bill Clinton. | Photo: USG | Larry Summers, Lawrence Summers, Economist, Treasury,

Larry Summers for Federal Reserve Chairman

President Obama, if nothing else, has served to scramble my mind completely. Starting off in the Senate as a champion for the people, against corruption, cronyism, and special interests, Senator Obama seemed like a new kind of politician. And then Senator Obama ran for President, warped into a weird blue dog liberal, and acquiesced his first term to Wall Street and numerous other special interests, while the people he use to champion have suffered severely and needlessly.

Now President Obama is once again side stepping the public interest for Wall Street's interest, and the three choices "leaked" to the media to head the Federal Reserve are Janet L. Yellen (a bad choice), Donald L. Kohn (an even worse choice), and Lawrence "Larry" Summers (the absolutely worse choice).

If our President was really for the people, none of those names would be on that list, not a single one. Names like the President of the Federal Reserve in Dallas, Richard W. Fisher should be on that list along with the following names: Richard Wolff, Thomas Sowell, Robert Reich, Joseph Sitglizt, Tom Woods, William K. Black, etc'

Right now Larry Summers is pulling out all the stops to slither his way yet again into public office, where he will surely do the work of private interests (mainly Wall Street), where in the past he has performed so poorly in his public positions, heading up some of the most corrupt, anti-free market, and harmful to main street American initiatives and economic policies to ever stain our Republic.

Even President Clinton warned that one of the biggest mistakes of his Administration was trusting his economic team, "yeah I think they were wrong and I think I was wrong to take their [Larry Summers and Robert Rubin] advice".

Summers is notorious for slithering between private and public sector jobs to rig markets through regulatory favoring and sweetheart deals. Mostly left uncovered until the 2008 Great Depression, when Congress finally started doing their job of performing meaningful audits and oversight of the Federal Reserve and Treasury Department. What was revealed with shocking and full of corruption at the expense of hardworking Americans, all over our entire country, most of it spawning from the advice and work of Larry Summers.

You don't have to take it from me though, just Google "Larry Summers Revolving Door". Take ten minutes and examine the data, and then email your local representatives to put pressure on the Obama Administration to remove Summers name from consideration.

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