Snowden Fan Retaliation

Potential hactivist response to the leakers US arrest

Retired Air Force Gen. Michael Hayden, former head of both the NSA and the CIA, warned that hackers and activists may retaliate through cyber terrorism "if and when" the U.S. government apprehends the fired CIA employee and former NSA contractor, Edward Snowden.

For the record, anyone calling Edward Snowden a "whistleblower", or "activist" is delusional. Factually and admittedly, he stole American secrets he was entrusted with, and ran into the arm of potential US enemies. That's just the part we know. In one, treasonous swipe, Edward Snowden has jeopardized national security and risked countless American and other lives.

Yes, this proves that the systems and procedures used to secure information against this kind of espionage are flawed, but nonetheless, this was an act of treason.

Hayden stated "If and when our government grabs Edward Snowden, and brings him back here to the United States for trial, what does this group do?"

The hacker "group" Hayden describes is comprised of "nihilists, anarchists, activists, Lulzsec, Anonymous, twenty-somethings who haven't talked to the opposite sex in five or six years."

Hayden has long been an active defender of the programs as leader of the U.S. intelligence community, which he oversaw in the face of recent criticism of the programs' constitutionality.

Michael Hayden
Michael Hayden

Former Director of the National Security Agency, Michael Vincent Hayden, born March 17, 1945, is a retired United States Air Force four-star general and former Director of the National Security Agency and Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. | Photo: | Michael Hayden, Nsa, Cia, Air Force, American,

"They may want to come after the U.S. government, but frankly, you know, the dot-mil stuff is about the hardest target in the United States... so if they can't create great harm to dot-mil, who are they going after?" he asked.

"Who for them are the World Trade Centers? The World Trade Centers, as they were for al-Qaida," said Hayden.

The "speculative" and "imaginative" warnings of retaliation from Hayden are not without basis. Let's not forget the retaliation from Anonymous after the cyberlocker MegaUpload was shut down. Last year, Anonymous used Twitter as a weapon delivery system of sorts and launched distributed denial-of-service attacks against the DOJ's website.

Russia granted Snowden temporary asylum which has furthered an already stressed US/Russia relationship.

Thanks to Josh Peterson from the Daily Caller for the core of this story.

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