Peta Wilson

Peta Wilson with Aaron Stipkovich

Peta Wilson
Peta Wilson
Peta discusses "small parts" on with Aaron Stipkovich on the red carpet. | Photo: Aaron Stipkovich | Peta Wilson, Actress, Superman, Nikita, Aaron Stipkovich, Small, Blonde, Sexy,

NASA spokeswoman on "small parts" with Stipko

Peta is a spokeswoman for NASA (the National Aeronautics and Space Administration) of the United States.

Well, her character is. This is an outtake interview clip from the red carpet of Superman Returns. The interview microphone went dead, so we are listening to backup audio from the camera-mounted microphone. It's noisy, but you can hear Peta quite well. Here is a text version, transcribed, and (shamefully) polished.

Peta Wilson: Aaron, nice to see you.

Aaron Stipkovich: Likewise Peta. I'm on the radio, the show, online magazine, blah, blah, blah... I don't have time to use the restroom - much less watch recreational TV. The one show I watch every episode of is "La Femme Nikita."

PW: You did? Awww.

AS: We were so mad that you and Michael (co-star character) never got together. First you were, then you weren't... on and on...

PW: Well, I didn't write it. It's not my responsibility.

AS: Well, bring that thing back. What about Superman? Did you leave other projects to do Superman?

PW: No, no. It was a favor. Bryan Singer rang me, said "Would you do it?" I said "Sure." Three days turned into a month. Superman? Sydney (Australia)? Bryan Singer? It's a no brainer!

AS: Yes. No brainer. Did you beat anyone up? Anyone?

PW: Nope. No one. It was a tiny little cameo.

Peta Wilson
Peta Wilson

Peta discusses "small parts," La Femme, Nikita, and Superman with Aaron Stipkovich on the red carpet. | Photo: Aaron Stipkovich | Peta Wilson, Actress, Superman, Nikita, Aaron Stipkovich, Small, Blonde, Sexy,

Peta's career;
Wilson worked first as a model in Australia and in Europe, before she moved to Los Angeles in 1991 to study acting with Arthur Mendoza at the Actors Circle Theatre and with Tom Waits at the TomKat Repertory Group. After some education in acting, Wilson was hired for some small roles in independent films, such as in Loser and in One of Our Own. Then, in 1996, Wilson was preparing to continue her studies at an acting school in New York City, but she decided to audition first for a new television show to be produced for the USA cable TV channel in North America. From a field of just over 200 aspiring actresses who auditioned for the starring role, the new program's producers chose to offer the job to Wilson, and she accepted. This new show was called La Femme Nikita, based on the French movie Nikita. Each episode was one hour long, and the series was produced by a combination of Canadian and American companies. The show ran for five years and 96 episodes on the USA network. There were 22 episodes per season for four years, and another eight episodes in its fifth and final TV year. Most of the episodes of La Femme Nikita were filmed in and around the city of Toronto, Ontario.

Wilson's co-stars in this TV series were the actors Roy Dupuis, Don Francks, Alberta Watson and Eugene Robert Glazer, and for her acting in La Femme Nikita, Wilson was nominated twice for the annual Gemini Award for "Best Performance by An Actress in a Continuing Leading Dramatic Role", though she did not win.

In 2001 Wilson took part in the International Film Festival in Moscow, where she met with Russian president Vladimir Putin, who confessed to being a fan of hers.

In the realm of major motion pictures, Wilson collaborated with the Scottish actor Sean Connery in 2002'3 during the production of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. She played the role of the vampire Mina Harker, and Connery played Allan Quatermain. She also portrayed real-life actress Anny Ondra in the television movie "Joe and Max" (2002).

During 2006, Wilson had a small role in the movie Superman Returns as the character "Bobbie-Faye", a spokeswoman for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration of the United States.

Jack, Vladmir, and Peta
Jack, Vladmir, and Peta

President Putin meeting with participants in the 23rd Moscow International Film Festival. With actors Jack Nicholson and Peta Wilson. | Photo: Nikolina Gora | Jack Nicholson, Vladmir Putin, Peta Wilson, Actor, Russia, Sexy,

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