Tainted Love

Government's Love Affair with Abusive Powers

Glenn Greenwald, the journalist responsible for delivering the details on our government's invasive and rights violating NSA programs, via Edward Snowden's captured documents and personal reports; has put Glenn squarely on the government's sh*t list. A mere reporter, doing his job, informing U.S. citizens, so they may be educated and partake in democracy, instead of blindly being ruled, has become the victim of a smear campaign over the past month.

First it was his character, he's a blogger, like that is an insult? In reality Glenn Greenwald is an accomplished author of books, speaker, lawyer, journalist, and a fighter for the rights of all people.

The government stepped up their attacks on Greenwald going all out to kill the messenger instead of the message, using fascist intimidation tactics, that are downright spine tingling concerning, they (the U.K. government colluding with the U.S. government) detained Glenn's husband David Miranda on suspicion of terrorism. David was merely traveling from Germany back to Brazil, where he is a citizen, via U.K. Heathrow airport, but was taken into custody and questioned for 9 hours.

Officer #203654 even called Glenn Greenwald at his residence in Brazil to let him know they have his husband and may charge him under their anti-terrorism act.

Am I the only one completely stunned by this?

The government has also recently detained documentary filmmaker Laura Poitras numerous times, according to her, and questioned her about terrorism, even though she is a journalist and a documentary filmmaker. She happens to make films about topics that question our government's unjustified authority in foreign lands (Iraq, and Syria) since 2006.

During her most recent detainment at the airport after travelling from overseas, she was writing notes of the officer's name and of the questions being asked of her, on her lawyer's advice. The officers who detained her, ordered her to stop using the pen, as it was a threat to them (complete bullshit, since Laura isn't a large person and she was unarmed while they were all armed).

They threatened to handcuff her if she refused to put away her pen, even though she told them she was a journalist and well within her right as an innocent citizen being wrongfully detained and questioned. Of course they let her go without charge, intimidating her, violating her rights, and the government refuses to provide a transparent reason for why they detained her.

How disturbing?

Democracy Now reports that Anthony Bucci from U.S. Customs & Borders Protection in response to Laura Poitras detainment responded, 'Due to privacy laws, U.S. Customs and Border Protection is prohibited from discussing specific cases' Our dual mission is to facilitate travel in the United States while we secure our borders, our people and our visitors from those that would do us harm like terrorists and terrorist weapons, criminals, and contraband." Laura Poitras on Democracy Now half-jokingly suggested they should add journalists onto that list - I think they already have, at least any who question the government.

When our government is using unjustified authority in attempts to silence journalists, our country is in grave danger, and when the government is fighting to keep the electorate ignorant of government activity, we need to shine a bright light and do our part by educating our vote and exercising it at the polls. It's time to take the keys away from this power drunk government.

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