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There are a lot of "us types" around.

One of the glories of AND Magazine is that the fine people who created the website made it much more multi-media than others I've seen. But they also allow me the privilege to have an opinion with which they don't necessarily agree, and I'm thankful, both for the readers, who are exposed to opinions they may not like, and myself.

I can vent my opinion honestly as I see it, and believe me, others less tolerant have censored me so you wouldn't be subjected to what I have to say. I was thrown off another website last week.

Here at AND Magazine I can rest easy without fear of chastisement or banishment, from the Publisher that is. Not so conservative responders. Conservatives seem to favor banishment for people with opposing views.

One said to a recent column of mine that I should move to Russia where they like "my type." I'm certain this gentleman recently completed an exhaustive 12-month sociologic study of Russia in which he proved the Russians are eager to see the immigration to their country of bit SAG actors like myself who are politically considered Jeffersonian Libertarians and who believe themselves to be the physical reincarnation of Carl Alfalfa Switzer, the kid with the hair cowlick on the Little Rascals comedies of the 1930s.

There are a lo

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