Obama's Dilemma

Barack Obama
Barack Obama
Barack Hussein Obama II is the 44th and current President of the United States. He is the first African American to hold the office. He was born on August 4, 1961 and as of 2010 his reported net worth was US$ 11.8 million. | Photo: Terry Richardson | Barack Obama, President, Democrat, Liberal,

The Paradox of U.S. Foreign Policy

I've always said that President Obama was the right man for the job, just at the wrong time. Everything that could have gone wrong during his presidency, has gone wrong. And to add to this misfortune, Obama has demands from both inside and outside of America... more specifically, demand in Egypt. For years now the U.S. has supported the Egyptian military. After all, Egypt was one of our major allies in the Middle East. But now that the Egyptian military has gone "postal" on innocent civilians and proceeded to take over the Egyptian government, many Egyptians along with the rest of the world, are looking to the US for help. Meanwhile, the US is being very cautious to not do or say anything in haste.

The dilemma? Even though the President Obama sees what is happening in Egypt, he will not be doing anything about it. Why do I believe that? One, by acknowledging that a coupe d'?tat is actually happening in Egypt, the U.S. would have to expend more resources (resources that we just do not have), and two, President Obama is already tied up by domestic issues, involving the public and the U.S. Defense Department, who particularly are advising against any action being taken to assist in the Egyptian crisis. The sad reality is that President Obama really can't do anything except watch in anguish. What makes matters worse is the fact that he chose Cairo, Egypt to make his international speech on peace in the Middle East back in 2009. Though no one can hardly tell now, Egyptian sentiment for the U.S. after the speech was actually favorable, even hopeful. After all, President Obama is a charismatic individual and his speeches even more so. Egyptians were pleased with the possibility of change that would be happening, but now that they are looking for help from the U.S. that sentiment has definitely changed for the worse. This is undoubtly not helping with the perception of the U.S. in Arab nations.

So, the solution?
The most obvious solution for Obama is to stall. Stall for three more years, until it becomes someone else's problem. Maybe a cynical view, but even though Obama may want to do everything in his power to help the Egyptian people, US public opinion is not high. There's little Obama can do. Either way someone will be unhappy. The definition of a successful mediation is when all parties are equally dissatisfied.

In this case, all dissatisfied parties happen to be Egypt.

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