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Surviving on Entry Level Wages

Large transnational corporations have been out in full-force decrying the notion of raising the minimum wage to a measly $15 an hour. They say it will hamper business, kill profits, and will hurt the economy. Their justification for robbing the laborers of their wealth, is that these low paying jobs are entry level jobs, not intended to provide a career. Former McDonald's President and CEO Ed Rensi even said as much on All In with Chris Hayes, where he stated, "'minimum wage jobs have always been entry-level positions, they are jobs not careers."

I'm sorry, but if someone works a full-time job, they deserve a full-time wage. Since we live in a capitalistic system, where even non-entry level full-time laborers cannot provide for themselves through their labor, the full-time working poor do not stand a chance of surviving without governmental assistance.

What jobs aren't the beginning of a career? There have been plenty of McDonald's employees who entered the workforce at an "entry-level" position, only to rise to management and even franchise ownership. The definition of a career is working at a place over many years with an opportunity to progress, so entry level jobs are careers.

Humans, regardless of job, all have the same needs, air, water, food, shelter, and there are no exceptions or humans who only require entry level needs. Topple those real human needs with societal needs such as health care, retirement, and the means to support the lifestyle to earn it all (utility bills, transportation costs, clothing, toiletries, etc'), and one quickly realizes entry level jobs cannot even support an entry level person.

Child Labor
Child Labor

The UN Convention for the Rights of the Child: "States Parties recognize the right of the child to be protected from economic exploitation and from performing any work that is likely to be hazardous or to interfere with the child's education, or to be harmful to the child's health or physical, mental, spiritual, moral or social development". | Photo: Life Magazine |
Unfortunately, there are no entry level humans, just real humans like the rest of us with real needs that require a real living wage from which to sustain life with.

Forced into the labor market in order to survive, people are repeatedly told employment is completely "voluntarily", so even if laborers are being financially exploited it is on them, not on those doing the exploiting. It is a truly sick and warped rhetoric, backed by over a hundred years of practice, which most people never question but suffer the wrath of in silent compliance and ignorance.

When such a coercive system gains control of an economy, as it has here in America, there are real costs; real costs placed upon society and government in the form of the welfare state, and the blow back such a system fosters (violent crimes, ghettos, abandoned children and seniors, health issues, and a tremendous amount of unnecessary suffering).

So remember the next time some corporatist feeds you a line of shit like, "These are entry-level jobs never meant to support a career." They are really telling you, "I have exploited these laborers to profit wildly, and it will all be subsidized on your hard earned tax dollars, enjoy."

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