Our Forgotten War

The Taliban
The Taliban
An Islamist militant and political group that ruled large parts of Afghanistan and its capital, Kabul, as the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan from September 1996 until October 2001. It gained diplomatic recognition from three states: Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. | Photo: Aaron Stipkovich | Afghanistan, Terrorism, Taliban, Child,

The Syrian Dilemma

There are currently over 630,000* victims of a terrible war that are now homeless and in desperate need of leadership by the United States President. Another 46.2** million victims needlessly suffer in a world of excess from this war, unable to sustain autonomously even though they are hard working. These victims are also unable to financially provide for themselves or their families who need dire medical care. Over 17 million households*** are food insecure as a result of this war, and amongst those 17 million households are many innocent children.

This war is not taking place in some far away land that we have no rightful jurisdiction over, but right here in America. Those millions of victims mentioned above are your fellow American citizens. This war does not use weapons, for the most part but instead uses coercion through force participation into the workforce, monetization of life necessities, and coercive tax schemes backed by an authoritarian state.

President Obama beats the drum of war against Syria, just like every other President before them has, in either covert or overt military operations. All the while, millions of American have fallen by the wayside, and millions more barely tread the waters of survival due to the economic war waged upon them every day. Their supposed congressional "representatives" ignore them while playing war games, only coming together to function long enough to enrich their supporters or expand the business of government.

But this is where things have changed, for the first time in a long time, Congress is deliberating upon taking military action on Syria. Who can blame them? With the information provided the public thus far, all I can assess is that Senator McCain and Graham may have lost their last marble, and Secretary of State John Kerry's recent face work looks ridiculous.

From the numerous accounts from Syrian citizens now making the rounds, I'm not sure anyone can argue in support of the rebels, when the rebels appear to be composed of heart eating Muslim fanatics, or the Taliban 2.0. Does this current situation not remind us of the country's previous involvement training and arming a young Osama Bin Laden decades ago, how did that turn out?

It is horrible what is happening in Syria, but if we take out the current government and allow the maniac rebels to take over, the entire country of Syria will suffer. The women of Syria will be brutalized, marginalized and slip back into the Stone Age. Any Syrians that are non-Muslim will need to hide it or face a real genocide, and the country will crumble apart. Perhaps that is the ultimate goal, to weaken a BRIC ally, I do not have the information to form any other plausible conclusion for assisting the rebels.

With elections around the corner, Congress members frothing at the mouth for war should tread very carefully in foreign affairs that do not involve the United States directly; especially when millions of Americans are currently suffering here at home, in dire need of saving from the war of exploitation being waged against them every day.

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