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Valentine de Lagarde
Valentine de Lagarde
Valentine de Lagarde is an expert with the food, drink, and culture of the contemporary Paris life. | Photo: Valentine de Lagarde | Valentine De Lagarde, Paris, France, Author, Food,

The food, drink, and culture of contemporary Paris life

Valentine de Lagarde's complete story is coming shortly.

In the meantime, enjoy this Paris tidbit: Paris is renowned for its haute cuisine, food meticulously prepared and presented, often accompanied by fine wines, served and celebrated by expensive restaurants and hotels. A city of culinary finesse, as of 2013 Paris has 85 Michelin-starred restaurants, second in the world to only Tokyo, and many of the world's leading chefs operate restaurants serving French cuisine in Paris such as Alain Ducasse and Jo?l Robuchon. As of 2013, Paris has ten 3-Michelin-star restaurants, the most coveted award in the restaurant business; these include Ducasse's Alain Ducasse au Plaza Ath?n?e, Alain Passards's L'Arp?ge, Yannick Alleno's Le Meurice in the H?tel Meurice, Eric Frechon's restaurant at Hotel le Bristol, and Pierre Gagnaire. Jo?l Robuchon, the chef with the most Michelin stars worldwide, runs L'Atelier de Jo?l Robuchon and La Table de Jo?l Robuchon in Paris, both of which are 2 Michelin-star restaurants. Many aspiring chefs come to Paris to learn how to cook from the best of the best, and Paris has numerous academies and schools for chefs to learn with hands-on experience.

The growth of the railway in the late 19th century led to the capital becoming a focal point for immigration from France's many different regions and gastronomical cultures. As a result, cuisine in the city is diverse, and almost any cuisine can be consumed in the city, with over 9,000 restaurants. Hotel building was another result of widespread travel and tourism in the 19th century, especially Paris' late-19th-century Expositions Universelles (World's Fairs). Of the most luxurious of these, the H?tel Ritz appeared in the Place Vend?me in 1898, and the H?tel de Crillon opened its doors on the north side of the Place de la Concorde, starting in 1909.

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