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The System is Broken, not the People

Over the last week I viewed a series of shocking memes making its way around the so-called "progressive" circles on various online social networks, which aimed to attach wealth disparity to wealthy people, as if they are the problem for the economic woes of so many Americans.

We can cry to the high heavens that it's all the rich people's fault, but our systems of economics and societal norms are at fault, not the 1% or anyone else achieving financial success.

Who wouldn't want to aspire to be in the 1%? That is the American doctrine, not without flaws, but the American dream is to the best you can in whatever endeavor you undertake. That might mean having the whitest picket fence, the strongest family unit, or the tastiest apple pie, but we strive for perfection, American exceptionalism.

This is just not an American phenomena though, it's a human one, humans throughout the world share in this preordained path to be the best, as evident in the many "gods" we have created, that of course resemble man in more ways than not, and wouldn't you know it, they are also perfect, that idea once again of being the best.

Some will claim that the wealthy perpetuate this system of exploitation and inequality, and I would not argue depending on the person, but is that wealthy person the creator of this horrific system, or is it a systemic problem, where the very design of our system is seriously flawed?

Don't hate the player, hate the game - that is what systemic problems boil down to. Would it not be a more progressive tactic to inform the electorate about the underlying issues leading to inequality and wealth disparity, than to blame those who have succeeded in spite of such issues?

What if Progressives instead focused on showing people how to empower their vote, with easy to use research tools that help them find candidates that represent their needs. Teach people about dollar democracy, and how revolutionizing their spending habits can profoundly reshape our economy and their own personal wealth.

Teach the next generation of entrepreneurs and business owners about horizontal organizations and alternatives to break up the monopoly of private ownership over the means of production, which has crippled a large segment of our labor force into being taken care of by a nanny state.

Change is not without repeated error, but stagnation only declines a society it will never progresses it. When we blame the rich for succeeding in an exploitative system based on inequality, we lose focus of the real problem, the system which fosters the inequality and exploitation, capitalism in a monetized society ' therein lies the real villain you progressives seek.

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