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U.S. Capitol
U.S. Capitol
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Not everyone is against a Federal Government Shutdown

With Senator Ted Cruz's power-play to sway House Tea Party members into supporting a complete government shutdown, big-government advocates including President Obama began squawking to the high heavens that this small group of Representatives, obstructing the government's "work", do not represent the American people.

Those representatives and senators voted into office by Tea Party supporters are doing exactly what their constituents want, slow government's roll, shrink government's imprint on our economy and our civil liberties. Thus far they have only been successful in limiting the amount of laws created by Congress over the past three years, but have failed to rein in the government's influence over our economy or personal lives.

While I have almost nothing politically in common with most Tea Party members or Senator Ted Cruz, I welcome the course they have embarked upon, but I am disgusted by their end goals. If only truly liberty minded representatives' or even truly progressive representatives' took a page from the obstructionist's playbook, perhaps progress in America could truly take place.

That is where the rub lies, I wish I could support Ted Cruz and the Tea Partiers in the House who are working to shut down our federal government, but they are doing so only to restart it again in their own warped view of social-corporate governance, which utterly repulses me.

Usually when Senators Chuck Schumer and Lindsey Graham come together to advocate anything in unison, you can all but be assured it is not in the best interest for the majority of Americans.

However, Senator Cruz and the Tea Party gang, with dubious motives, will in fact sway public trust back to those old corporate stooges that have had a lifelong seat in Congress, and backwards our country will once more travel in the upcoming 2014 Midterm elections.

Government passes numerous laws that in most instances merely raise our deficit, do not in any way improve life for the majority of Americans, and are absolutely unnecessary except to small concentrated transnational interests.

At the same time, most Americans and our entire economy are utterly reliant upon the federal government, including numerous transnational corporations and banks. A government shutdown would be ruinous to all those people, which should set off blaring alarms in your head that the federal government has grown to systemic risk proportions, and needs to be reined in or broken up.

It is hard to advocate for something that will cause real temporary harm to people's lives, but is harm sustained all at once any worse than harm sustained throughout a lifetime?

Our financial markets, which have already resumed their unsustainable-bubble-creating-moral-hazardous behaviors, observable in the housing bubbles already emerging in numerous markets around the States, are in desperate need for a correction - something a government shutdown could spark, to which I say fantastic! I couldn't think a better panacea for our country or economy than experiencing life without the federal government.

If nothing more hopefully this shutdowns will serve to pry out that ingrained patriarchal reliance upon an authoritarian government we all are programmed to cling to, at the cost of own sovereignty and welfare. Who is going to take better care of you, yourself and your community, or a federal cartel of representatives that represent transnational corporations and banks who prey upon you?

Of course, a sustained government shutdown probably won't happen, many businesses and lives hang in the balance, as we realize the federal government has become too-big-to-fail. Those in Congress will bloviate over the next few hours but will eventually come to a series of ill-compromises, that will not benefit the majority of Americans moving forward, keeping the unsustainable status-quo in place .

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