Blame it on Snowden

Edward Snowden
Edward Snowden
Edward Joseph Snowden (born 1983) is an American technical contractor, whistleblower and former United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) employee who worked as a contractor for the National Security Agency (NSA). Snowden released classified material on top-secret NSA programs including the PRISM surveillance program to the press. | Photo: | Edward Snowden, Cia, Press, Leak, Secret, Whistleblower,

Deflection: Part II

So, since the last time I wrote about this topic, the director of the National Security Agency, Keith Alexander had decided to step down, and the government now finds itself in even deeper hot water over their NSA spying tactics, not just with the American citizens ' but possibly by the entire world.

Instead of quickly ending these programs, or exposing in fine details the merits of such programs, the government first lies, then denies, then deflects, finally topping it off with, "'if you knew what we know, you would be okay with these programs." Puke, right?

The government should immediately, without further hesitation make transparent the results of these NSA programs. We have heard repeatedly that it has saved thousands of lives, well then bring forth these revelations only known to government officials. Tell us why you need to invade our privacy, which has had a horrific effect on the lives of my countrymen and women; stripping citizens of their right to seek privacy from an authoritarian government of malcontents seeking further control and power, control and power achieved through non-democratic processes.

But of course, none of that matters, it is Snowden's fault. Yep, Edward Snowden you dirty bastard, tapping all of our private communications, using that information for nefarious doings (including the possible rigging of financial markets), you son-of-a-bitch German Chancellor cell phone snooping pervert, you are the worse American to have ever lived'oh wait, you're not responsible for any of that?

Oh, you were the one who risked your life and livelihood to expose this to the American citizen? But, I thought you were the villain?

That is the hope of the government, they'll scream that their not the villain, but the one who revealed these villainous deeds is the wrongdoer. American political rhetoric has disintegrated into nonsensical logic, held together by secrets, a dangerous combination to the civil liberties of all humans.

I have been a strong advocate for voting, but if this is the "change" we collectively have voted for, then it's time to end such vile creations. Or perhaps this wasn't the "change" we voted for, but how many of us can even realize that? How many die-hard democrats still champion President Obama and this democratic party that firmly stands behind him and these violations to our Constitutional rights, as they tell us "'but the King didn't know about these programs"? Bullshit.

It is up to us my fellow Americans, can we collectively distinguish those who truly want to represent versus those who have an outside agenda that usurps our representation? I think we can, as a Quinnipiac University poll showed 55% of Americans believe Edward Snowden was a whistleblower, not a traitor, even in light of the massive state-propaganda efforts against him to frame him as the villain.

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