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Ray Villafane
Ray Villafane
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Stringing people along to take over their health care.

What will it take for the Left to finally acknowledge that the Affordable Care Act is a huge mess that should not be inflicted on the American people? Is there anything that will bring Democrats to acknowledge the reality of the damage that Obamacare is already doing to our nation? The answer seems to be an unequivocal "maybe."

One of the saddest realities about Obamacare is that conservatives have been mostly right about the consequences of this plan - we have been called naysayers, racists, terrorists, jihadists, and worse, yet as time marches on it becomes more and more apparent that we were right all along.

The President and his various spokesholes, from Jay Carney to Kathleen Sebilius, keep on telling us that they "have a great product," and that people will love it. The truth is, they only have a couple of "products," and insurance ain't one of them. They have their slew of regulations that are bogging down the health insurance industry and making policies more expensive across the board...or just pushing insurance companies to cancel non-compliant policies altogether. They have the federal and state-run exchanges, which amount to a government bureaucracy inefficiently funneling customers into overpriced policies sold by private insurers...so now, not only do people have to pay for the insurance companies' massive bureacuracies, but a portion of their premiums can go to fund yet another inefficient, useless government bureaucracy, as well.

But the biggest travesty of the Obamacare rollout - aside from healthcare.gov - has been the web of lies spun by Obamacare's supporters, including President Obama himself. In the push to pass the Affordable Care ActPresident Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and others told us all about how people with health insurance would be able to keep their plans, keep their doctors, and see their premiums go down. They continued to make these claims even after the bill was passed, as they tried to make the bill more popular. As it turns out, all of those assertions were lies. Health insurance rates have been steadily increasing since the Affordable Care Act was passed. Doctors - especially those in small, private practices, are being pushed out of business through overregulation, and changes in Medicare regulations have forced many doctors to stop seeing Medicare patients. Individual insurance policies are being cancelled by the millions, as it is more affordable for insurers to drop coverage and force their customers to fend for themselves in the exchanges than it is to update thos policies to comply with the Affordable Care Act's burdensome regulations...and one of the latest revelations is that, even as President Obama was telling Americans they could keep their coverage, his administration knew that millions of insurance policies would be cancelled under their plan. Even so, the president and his allies continued to spread the lies.

As more time goes on, it becomes clearer and clearer that Obamacare is a massive scheme designed to collapse private health insurance, so that the government can swoop in and take over once they have destroyed the competition. Conservatives have been saying this from the get-go, but all we have gotten in return is derision, name-calling, and a complete black-out on alternative ideas that might actually fix the problems in America's healthcare industry. It is only when they can't access the website, end up on hold for hours, and see their premiums skyrocket that the Left starts to get it. We saw through the lies, and have been right across the board so far - do we really have to wait for our health care system to collapse before we agree on the fact that Obamacare is a bad idea?

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