My Way To War: Part Two

Syrian burial
Syrian burial
Residents gather during a mass burial of people who they say are opposition activists killed by forces loyal to Syria's President Bashar al-Assad, in Jdeidet Artouz near Damascus. | Photo: Reuters | Syria, Fsa, War, Burial, Death, Innocent, Funeral, Free Syrian Army Fighter, Rebel,

The continued story of one man's journey into Syrian battle.

Part one of "My Way To War" can be found here.
Just as I did in the first part of my story, before you read any further, I want to warn you and say you may prefer to not do so. Sadly, my gut feeling ' that most of the world would rather not be confronted with the evil realities that are actually happening in places across the globe ' has not changed. I continue to believe that for some people, if not for many, ignorance is bliss.

Yet if you are one who truly prefers a knowledgeable sojourn, which inescapably will encompass the cold, hard, uncomfortable realities of this world more than blissful ignorance, I encourage you to read on. I, Ahmad, invite you to continue this story and journey with me: to proceed deeper into the very depths of hell herself. This netherworld, however, is not one that merely exists in some far-off post-apocalyptic fantasy world. This story's hell is occurring in the present-day, and is a very real, literal, abyss of misery and torment. For some of us on earth, in March 2011 hell came to life with the beginning of the seemingly never-ending Syrian civil war; or as we continue to prefer to call it, "the battle for freedom and dignity".

My journey into "the battle for freedom and dignity" began one unimaginable evening in my home when several pro-government soldiers loyal to the evil, blood-sucking Bashar al-Assad decided to have their way with my family; and also with me. What they did to us ' which I do not wish to recount again in detail as I did in the first part of my story ' has left me eternally plagued with memories and pictures I can't escape. You see, on that fateful night'

There I was, tied up to a chair, helpless, looking at my beloved wife, daughters, and mother-in-law, laying dead on the blood-soaked floor, torn apart by rape and bullets, void of all dignity, and void of all life.
Unfortunately, because we were some of the very first victims, countless numbers of other innocent souls have also had to experience the inevitably evil manifestations unearthed solely in war.

For nearly three years now thousands upon thousands of entirely innocent women and children have continued to be brutally raped, tortured, and slaughtered. It is utterly inconceivable to me how any person on earth can sit back and allow something as monstrous as thousands of young girls to be gang raped so violently they will never physically be able to produce children of their own, or thousands of elementary-aged boys be ruthlessly slaughtered and tortured to death, all so that they ' the Bashar al-Assad regime ' can to the maximum extent preemptively extinguish the fires of revenge that would burn them to ashes should these young girls grow up to become child-bearing women and these young boys grow up to become fighting-men.

Or is it that my naivet? is so great that for some reason I actually believed those peoples and powers in the world who could actually bring this hell-on-earth to an end, would do so? Was I foolish to be confident that their consciences were guided by an altruistic spirit, and that they would step in at great personal expense, and help to bring the ongoing Syrian civil war to an end? That must be the case, because from my perspective there are times when even for the most staunch non-interventionist, the amount of ongoing evil is so extraordinary that those directly fighting to bring it to an end can't terminate it, making outside intervention a necessity. Possibly, even a moral duty.

Admittedly, that is just the perspective of one poor Syrian man named Ahmad.

However, it is also the perspective of a poor Syrian man who is one of the many million recipients of this evil; the perspective of a poor Syrian man who thinks and cares more about having watched his wife and daughters be brutally gang raped and murdered in front of his very eyes than a wealthy educated man thinks and cares about having to see his hard-earned money spent in the form of tax-dollars to once again go and solve those other peoples problems in some far off place ' albeit a place that he probably can't locate on a world map, even with all of his educational degrees.

It is also the perspective of a man who has been fighting on the front-lines of "the battle for freedom and dignity" since the very beginning, and realistically knows that without some tangible and practical outside help, the freedom and dignity of the more than 120,000 dead, the many millions of displaced people who have literally lost everything, and his dead wife and daughters, will not be restored.

It is what it is though. The hand most of you were dealt allows you the freedom to live in a world of relative safety and comfort. The hand I was dealt forces me to live in a world more f*cked up than anything the mind of the most brilliantly sick and twisted Hollywood director could ever even begin to imagine.

We ' the true Syrian opposition ' have repeatedly asked for help. We have not asked because we want it. We have asked because we need it. Yet for all practical purposes, we have been told to sort out our own mess on our own. Of course we wish we could solve our own problems ourselves! But unfortunately, as each day elapses and more innocent women and children exhale their final breath of life and pass from this world to the next, that is looking to be more and more of an impossibility for us to accomplish on our own.

Yet because it is what it is, I ' Ahmad Abdul-Salaam ' will continue to fight with all of my heart, soul, mind and strength in "the battle for freedom and dignity" until one of two things happens: the evil Bashar al-Assad regime is defeated, or God himself determines the moment has come for this weary-warrior to breathe his final breath, at which time I will find myself staring eye-to-eye with the very Creator of life himself.

Until then, I categorically refuse to give up and quit. And there is nothing, absolutely nothing at all, that will change that.
I will end by saying to those who have heard our ongoing cries and pleas for help, yet for their own self-serving reasons, whatever they may be, have done nothing more than give mere lip service to our struggle ' or refuse to even listen at all ' the same thing I said about the pro-government soldiers on that fateful night my personal journey into the depths of this sick and evil Syrian battle began:

F*ck them all. That's the only thing I have left in me to say. F*ck them all.

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