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Paul McCartney
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Phil Ferguson latest target of the delusional PC'ers

Well, here we go again. For the seemingly 14,989,040th time, some unspeakably vile clowns from the politically correct speech and thought police came swooping down as they always do, panties in a twist, whining and stomping because somebody refuses to think like they want them too. Oh boo hoo.

Jesus-freakin'-Christ when will these politically correct, uptight, bratty 7 year-old, narcissistic weenies don the nearest chapeau, walk down to the nearest beach and take a walk till their hat floats.

So, a brief lesson one more time. When this country was founded the fathers that founded it embraced something known as free speech. It's even in the U.S. Constitution. You see, Free Speech means just that, or at least should. Freedom to say what you think. Stand back and get ready...what you're saying doesn't even have to be right. It can be wrong. It's correctness is not the issue. And who would judge it anyway? Truth is an ever changing commodity, depending on the current zeitgeist of whatever party happens to have the power at any given moment.

I won't put you to sleep with too much history but in 1859, John Stuart Mill, writing in "On Liberty," long considered the seminal essay on this topic, posited the following. With Free Speech there is both an offense principle and a harm principle. I'm going to give you the benefit of knowing what that meant. Copiece? So, now someone steps up and says something that offends someone else's ever so delicate sensibilities. So fucking what? Grow up you sniveling cowards. The founding fathers knew it was a healthy thing to keep a society functioning and alive. You see they had just left a society that was repressed, so they valued and prized the notion of freedom.

Now, Phil Ferguson of Fuck-a Duck fame said that gays were bad and Christianity was great. Somewhere in the festivities he even compared a man's anus to a woman's vagina. Somehow I've got to get that comparison out of my mind.

For the record, Phil is wrong. Not so much duck, just pure ground baloney. As a lifelong atheist all of his Christianity is great and gays being bad is nonsense, but nonetheless nonsense that should be staunchly protected.

I love the fact the so far, he hasn't backed down one inch, like the other PC police targets have. How sickening it is to see the weekly parade of these targets down on bended knee, begging for forgiveness from these self-appointed, nauseating cretins. How refreshing it is to finally see someone telling them idiots to go fuck themselves. I've even got a bumper sticker for my man Phil--Phil Ferguson--Wrong about Everything--But "By Gum and Dagged Nabbit"--He's Got the Right To Be.

The PC crowd has always been deluded to begin with. You see, if we are going to call ourselves a free society, anything and everything should be said, as long as it remains within the offense principle and doesn't cross over into the harm principle. Pretty basic. When anybody anywhere endeavors to suppress free speech, you always have to wonder, what are they afraid of? Why is it necessary to suppress certain speech and observations? Ever ask yourself that question? Why can't all people express their ideas in the arena and let the best ideas prevail? What's wrong with that? This of course is the one thing the PC police won't or can't do. As their ideas are often simply wrong to begin with they must become the bullies of the schoolyard. No fair fights for them. They delude themselves that they are the party on the side of goodness and light, but they are really on the side of the thug, the bully, the cry-baby. They are the sickest of all the self-righteous people.

Many years ago Paul McCartney, after the breakup of the Beatles, released a song, "Too Many People." It was a much-needed and deserved jabat John Lennon who had lost it. In it, near the end of the song you can hear someone saying, "We don't believe we can be wrong." And so it is today. Modern leftists, John's "Imagine" crowd, simply do not believe they can be wrong. They believe themselves to be on the proverbial side of the angels. They cannot see that they have become Eric Hoffer's "True Believers." They are so steeped in their own self-congratulatory rhetoric and holier-than-thou secular sainthood that they miss the fact that they are the exact same people they would have laughed down their noses at a couple of generations earlier. There really is no difference other than the passage of time. It seems increasingly that no ray of light can ever penetrate their true believing, Emperor with No Clothes Minds. What can be done with them? I have no idea.

Finally, I must bring up Orwell's 1984 before closing. It seems to me the epitome of irony, perhaps something out of a Twilight Zone segment, that they very people who see themselves as smart and enlightened are actually functioning as the modern day, "Big Brother." They are now our social controllers, our thought police, our Ministry of PC Truth. Clueless as to what they represent, lost millions of miles away in theirdelusions of secular sainthood. Not tragically hip really, just tragic.

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