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Realizing Society is a Mess

With the recent experience of learning the government, with the help of almost every major corporation (from Apple to Yahoo!), is illegally monitoring the private phone calls, emails, porn habits and video game habits (if any), metadata, and personal and private files on hard drives of innocent citizens - basically acting like a bunch of thug voyeuristic perverts; many Americans now have come to the realization that perhaps the government doesn't really represent them.

I'm glad to finally find them awake, I hope they had a wonderful snooze, but things have gone terribly amiss since they have last gazed eyes and conscious upon our society. Many, many things, almost an unspeakable number of perversions have found not only a place to infest their philosophies, but have gained championship from the very folks these rampant perversions leech off and violate.

You see, we are undoubtedly controlled by corporate governance, an oligarch of transnational interests so entrenched in the daily lives of almost all people in developed countries, escaping their despotism is no longer an option.

Instead, we the people, just living life, the laborers, the professors, the activists, the practitioners, the artisans, and the farmers, we are what is left of America. We are the only true travelers seeking self-governance to torch a path through this dark void of ignorance and coercion currently engulfing our societies.

We are the only true champions for the rights of all women and men to experience liberty and equality, the only two things all animals on planet earth are granted upon life.

But, we are unfortunately and severely outnumbered, and finding you all awake I hope to add to our ranks, as surely this vile oligarch has negatively impacted your life as well, perhaps even has caused you to fall into such a slumber in the first place.

Perhaps this vile oligarch has used the undemocratic and thus unjustified authority to strip the usurious laws of the land to feast upon your financial life blood, like a vampire in the night, sinking long and exploitative fangs of interest rates into your treasure, creating a debt-servitude zombie to feast upon for their longevity, at the cost of your own.

Perhaps this vile oligarch has used your private information to enrich themselves, while abetting government illegalities and violations against your 4th and 9th Amendment rights, and a right to privacy, a basic human need recognized by almost all developed societies.

Perhaps this vile oligarch has murdered someone you love by creating a health care system based around treatments and not outcomes, to enrich a small number of people compared to the millions such a system will victimize for private profits.

Perhaps this vile oligarch caused you to be foreclosed on...perhaps this oligarch has used unjustified and undemocratic authority against you to violate your natural right to consume a natural plant, which aids in your health and wellness, and imprisoned you like a slave for it'. or perhaps this most vile oligarch has exploited you for half the coin in your possession, with laws never authorized through democratic processes, that unlawfully tax you and force you to pay for the expenses incurred by this oligarch, while they privately hoard the profits.

Perhaps this vile transnational oligarch has nurtured you, provided all that you have, and you find no folly or fervor against them - then I say to you, please lay your head back down, you are snoring.

For the rest of us, can we continue to sit by snoozing, while our entire way of life becomes corrupted and perverted by the influence and despotism of this transnational corporate oligarch?

I say not, and I know I am not alone, and in fact, there are literally millions of other people from all around our globe looking to find common cause to unite for a new awakening built upon the basic fundamental core concepts of the great enlightenment, with proper progression to represent where we are now in the 21st century.

I believe in a non-state, but unfortunately I must admit this seems almost an impossibility as people naturally become territorial and perverse in their desires to secure a future for themselves and their loved ones, even if it means forcing another to go hungry and perish.

Until we figure how to accomplish such things (non-state societies), why can we not form a state that is benevolent instead of draconian in the meantime?

If we are a collective species, capable of amazing things impossible to accomplish by the individual alone, and have amassed together to live in well-structured societies to reap the reward of this collective power, how can we then respect the rights of the individual and maintain an organized, and thus productive, society?

For example, we currently can draft people into war, against their will, to go fight and be killed for principles and ideas they may be opposed to. Why can't we then draft people into prosperity and affluence?

Perhaps this can begin to be accomplished by dramatically changing the way we govern ourselves, or to put it more accurately, we need to retain back the reigns of self-governance, instead of being ruled over through mostly non-democratic laws and governance, the same thing we fought against many centuries ago.

What if we drafted citizens from the ages of 16-110, from the general population, to serve one 4-year term in Congress or throughout government, where they will be paid as much as the current flock of mostly for-profit politicians and revolving door corporate minions, who currently hoard the power of the government in selective hands?

Some people will say such things are an impossibility, to them I say your prescriptions against progression is known as the status-quo, it seems you have found a cozy place to rest your head there, goodnight.

For the rest of us, once we can re-imagine our governance, we can move on to recreating our banking system, people banks instead of for-profit banks that encourage transnational institutions to exploit masses of people at great expense, while only financially benefiting a small number of people.

From there we can move on to re-imagining our other societal constructs that have gone awry like property, farming, education, health care, energy, military, and the policing of our citizens ' and within a few decades we could make sure no one ever slumbers again while millions of our sisters and brothers suffer through ill undemocratic societal designs.

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